Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter? Which Winter?

While Bee has experienced at least some kind of winter in Waterloo, ON, the south-western part of Germany has had two or three nights of mild frost so far, and no snow at all. This weekend, I was at my parents' place for my mother's birthday. That's what I saw in the garden:

A Rose! In case you live in Southern California, you may say so what, and it's not even open - but the small village where my mother lives is not California. It has a relatively tough climate, and the last roses of autumn can usually be seen around mid-November.

So, winter is just late this year? Maybe, but then, look at this:

It's a bunch of crocus! That's a flower popular with gardeners because, as one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, it signals the end of winter. Indeed, my father had planted hundreds of them in the lawn around the house, and it's a great view to see them in full bloom - which usually occurs in March! I had taken this photo at more or less the same spot on March 29, 2004:

So, it seems that for this year, we have just skipped the winter - that's at least what Nature says... And don't mention the climate change ;-)


  1. I hope it stays that warm in Germany, otherwise the newborn plants will easily die. I've just had 1/2 h fun scraping 5mm ice rain off my car. That was my workout for today. I wish the weather would stay either warm or cold up here. Temperatures frequently change 10 degrees or more from one day to the next, it's driving me nuts. Best, B.

  2. Climate change aside, they're beautiful!


  3. Beautiful flowers - kind of plastic-artificial - even Clifford is jealous.

    We in Greater Boston had the beautiful spring Saturday two weeks ago but it is f*@#@ raining and cold all the time which causes headaches etc.

  4. Here in Tennessee we are having a quite mild winter overall, but it changes a lot the way Bee describes up there. Yesterday's high was 69 (F, sorry I'm a stubborn American about the celcius conversion ;-) ), but today it is about 35 and falling. We sometimes get three seasons in one day! The only flowers blooming so far are the creeping phlox and candytufts which are probably a month or so early. The crocus are so pretty.


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