Saturday, January 06, 2007

Albert Einstein Action Figure

"Dressed for intense classroom action, this Albert Einstein Action Figure stands with a piece of chalk in his hand, poised to explain relativity or do battle with the forces of entropy. Fits in nicely with any office, cube or dorm decor and features realistic disheveled hair! [...]

Sure he might not have been able to fly, breathe underwater or emit spider webs from his wrist - but he could melt your mind in a heartbeat with just a single attempt at explaining the Universe to you. Now that's power!

Your Albert Einstein action figure measures 5-1/4" (13.3 cm) tall and is made out of hard vinyl. Illustrated blistercard included!"
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Wow, physicists action figures, this is an idea with potential! I am thinking Lisa Croft and the Nima Turtles, heroically fighting the instabilities of warped passages and infrared catastrophes! has the largest selection of things the world doesn't need I've ever seen. Like Great Scientists Finger Puppets ('They also feature a magnet sewn into their brains, so [...] you can literally put their heads together for an all night brainstorming session'), Caffeinated Soap ( 'each bar of Shower shock contains approximately 12 servings/showers per 4 ounce bar' ) , or Collapsible Chopsticks ('The white ash used to make the wooden tips comes from recycled baseball bats'). My favourite is a knife holder called 'The Ex' ( "Overall, we'd say The Ex Knife Set is very cutting edge!" )

You also shouldn't miss this important insight into Einstein's Dreams.


  1. lol! Bee Is that bottom pic
    A knife rack for psychotic women

    Man Haters or Man eaters

  2. So will this Lisa Croft chic
    be able to communicate with
    Einstein in another dimension

    or does 1 need to be out of 1's Mind (in Space Time) to have a One on One with Einstein

    PS - Do you reckon Einstein has found out what's in the centre of a blackhole, did he fin or come out another universe ... you think?

  3. Hey, Hey Quasar!

    haven't seen you for a while, how was New Year? I guess it's a knife rack for women with a wacky sense of humor. I think Einstein never liked the idea of singularities inside the black holes. There's no problem to have a One to One with OneStone, the question is will he answer? Best,


  4. Sorry, it occurred to me the pun maybe wasn't obvious: the German name Einstein means 'one stone'.

  5. My office mate actually has that Einstein action figure sitting on his desk, still in its original packaging. He bought it at the UCSB bookstore. Of course, that's about the only "useful" thing they have in stock when there's not a yellow sale.

  6. I got my Sister a Sigmund Freud one for her last Birthday after seeing it in a curiosities shop... I should have bought the Einstein one and played culture wars!!

    Apparently there are quite a few of these:

  7. Hmmm this Einstein puppet would not be good to replicate at home one of the funniest scenes I have seen recently in a movie, namely those of a small dog having sex with Einstein in "Meet the Fockers"...

  8. I just found a link to the post where I discussed the scene... Have a look at


  9. Hi Bee, Xmas was great
    New Year was just another day
    And yours?

    Thanks for clarifying the Einstein One Stone pun
    I'm curious about the 'microstate' blackhole ... where would that take us ... inside another layer of the onion? in Our Universe

    This would be different from a Lee Smolin Blackhole in the bulk with no singularity (or massive mass) which would take us to a parallel universe or other universe ... that I would still compare to a wormhole

    Or maybe a microstate blackhole if it appears could better be called a microstate wormhole ... and would this wormhole be one way
    or can we retrieve whatever goes thru - supposing we figure out where (in spacetime) it goes.

  10. Hi mgary,

    Of course, that's about the only "useful" thing they have in stock when there's not a yellow sale.

    You mean you don't like the thongs with UCSB logo?

    Hi fh,

    I can't believe that :-) Thanks for the link! They even have a Da Vinci. But actually, most of them don't really look like action, do they? The Einstein looks kind of ready to throw the chalk at you or so.

    Why do they only feature dead scientists? I mean, why not take the CV crew and have them fight the NSF budget cuts?

    Hi Quasar,

    Christmas was quiet, New Year was nice. They had quite a lot of fireworks in Frankfurt. I've seen something new there: spherical explosions that end in little sparks which will flatter around in a random motion for some while. Really pretty.

    If you cross the horizon, everything else depends on whether there is a singularity inside. If there is a singularity, you end in there, no way around it. If you want to get out on the other side, you need to move faster than the speed of light.

    Btw, did you see the movie 'Deja Vu'?



  11. The film "Deja Vu" not yet

    I don't suppose you've seen Torchwood - a cheap BBC Dr Who like series with Time Rifts in London & Cardiff (Wales) - they've tried everything time travel, where you enter a building and it is whatever day so many years back (WWII), and also a 'time portal' where all sorts of cheap aliens can appear. I mentioned it before. Well it's got no better, if anything possibly worse.

    And the 'new' Dr Who actually had to deal with a black hole that was heading our way >>> I think they blew it up or gave it too much xmas cake or something - lol!

    I mean I know you were never supposed to take the BBC seriously but this stuff is really really sad

  12. I am holding out for the John von Neumann action figure.

  13. My psychiatrist has a Freud action figure in his office. I'd love one of those as well as the Einstein. Very cute!


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