Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Great White...

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    New York Blows Away the Competition

    Researchers have been scouring rivers in Europe and the US for traces of cocaine consumption. The result: Cocaine use is probably much greater than previously assumed [...] New York continues its reign as the Cocaine Capital of the World. [...] Nowhere did researchers find as much pure cocaine as they did in the Hudson River.


  1. Oh, now - this looks like a real Canadian winter!
    Best, stefan

  2. It's gotten really cold the last days. One doesn't really notice since there's no wind, but if you get your hands only slightly wet it takes no more than 20 seconds and they are completely numb.

  3. So, do you think that some of your snow has come from that water in the Hudson? ;-)

  4. Beautiful. I like the colors of snowy landscape when it gets sunny much more than when it's cloudy. I'm probably not the only one, am I? ;-)

    Incidentally, there is now snow in Central Europe, too.

  5. roughly spoken, I like almost every landscape more when it's sunny ;-)

    ... with possible exception of the German North-sea coast. It's just supposed to be stormy and cloudy with occasional rain.


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