Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Risky Research

Popsci - The Scariest Ideas in Science

Undead viruses! Killer foxes! Soldiers who never sleep! This is no horror movie—it's today's scientists at their most daring

PS: I'm very glad to see they don't mention black holes at the LHC...

PPS: I think some people should add this label on their papers if their work may cause brain malfuncion.


  1. The Flying Spaghetti Monster and its Pastafarian adherents are pretty scary. Ugly scary are Scientology, Intelligent Design, Bush the Lesser's thermodynamics, Enviro-whiners, ethnic studies... etc. A Christian Scientist with appendicitis is merely amusing.

    (Note the byline of your cited article's page: "Laura Allen’s last feature..." Not so good.)

  2. "The foxes aren’t going anywhere. They live in metal cages outside one of the world’s remotest cities. And even if they managed to escape somehow, they wouldn’t survive for long. “The term ‘aggressive’ is misapplied. These animals are hyper-defensive,” Pellis says. The risk-averse foxes wouldn’t attack—they’d probably hide until they starved."

    Yeah, isn't that what they said about dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park"? ;-)


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