Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Semifinals again!

About half a year ago, the German soccer team reached the semifinals of the world championship in Germany - it was a huge party here, but, as you may remember, it was Italy who eventually became world champion. Tonight, another German team made it to the semifinals of a world championship taking place in Germany, by beating the acting champion!

Source: Der Spiegel / DPA

Well, in case you didn't get the news - no shame, even here not everybody is following what is going on, and there are no crowded public viewing areas this time. The game is handball, and the German team wasn't a big favourite for the title, so far.

Now, the next match will be the semifinals against France on Thursday.

Good luck, German team!


  1. the expression on his face is just priceless :-)

  2. Bee

    You will perfectly understand I can not share your feelings. We, the spaniards, decided yesterday we should find someone to blame. Finally the guilty was found: the referee!;-)

    It was a nice match.
    All the best.r.


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