Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Blogger

Suprise! Eventually, we too are switched to the new no-longer beta blogger :-) This is a test-test-test....

A nice weekend to all of you



Lumo said...

Welcome to the new Blogger gang, both. ;-)

Rae Ann said...

This new blogger seems much better than the old one. Have a great weekend!

Bee said...

Ah, the template editor doesn't convince me. But the labeling is pretty useful.

stefan said...

... and the e-mail notification about new comments has improved with a nice new feature: There is now a header line telling who has commented, and in which thread!

Plato said...

I just completed the change over as well. I like it.

I instituted Haloscan comment instead of the blogger comment section. I noticed Lubos uses both. That "delay time" was just to frustrating for me.

The "Widget" is nice too, to see who had commented last. Don't know where Lubos got the "second one" for these type of blogs?

Bee said...

Hi Plato,

I've had a look at your blog, looks good! I've also thought about switching the comments to haloscan, but I kind of like it that they appear under the post in the html-site. Maybe it's better when readers can not reply too fast ;-)

Don't know where Lubos got the "second one" for these type of blogs?

which one? the one which says 'recent slow comments'? No idea, go ask him. The other one I think is feedburner. Last time I checked, they required subscription for that. Best,


Lumo said...

Dear Bee and Stf, your snap preview is kind of fascinating - do you think that TRF could live without it? :-) Best, LM

Bee said...

Hi Lubos,

probably not... your blog should get an award for the highest amount of applets, ad-ons, and fancy features that's technically possible ;-) btw, I noticed recently that there's some delay when loading your site. Best,


Plato said...


I think Lubos is making money off the ads since his number count of visits may be enough to give him a few dollars?

This is the "determination" I think, used.