Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Digital Camera

This is to prove that I haven't (yet) turned into a polar bear

PS: The new digi cam is a Canon IXUX 60, also shots mini-movies with pretty good quality...


Anonymous said...

New toys are fun! For Christmas I got a new Sony Handycam with the hard disk drive so you don't have to worry about tapes or whatever. Now I just have to plan a photo/video expedition. The stills it takes aren't the greatest quality though, but maybe I haven't figured out all the settings yet.

Anonymous said...

Puh - I'm relieved to see that you haven't turned Polar bear infrared-invisible yet ;-)

Anonymous said...

:-) Hey Bee, nice to see you!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Bee,
I bet you can be just as ferocious
as A Polar Bear with a hangover - when someone pisses you off. lol!
Do they make synthetic polar bear coats in Canada, or do eskimos only use the real thing?

sylow said...

You look quite pretty for a physicist :-)

Bee said...

Hey Rae Ann,

It was hard but I resisted the Handycam... It's really amazing how fast these things improve. I hope we will we see some movies of you!

Hi Sylow,

You look quite pretty for a physicist :-)

*blushing* I'll take that as a compliment for me, and as an insult for the rest of my colleagues ;-)

See also:
Beauty In Physics

Hey Anonymous,

sorry not to see you...

Dear Stefan,

nah, but there's also progress in heat isolating clothes, unbelievable. Comes under the name Under Armor. Also interesting what I found by accident

New materials that can change the way light and other forms of radiation bend around an object may provide a way to make things invisible, say researchers. From this article, also on Science Daily.

Though the Science article I think they are referring to is much more *ehum* realistic.

Metamaterial Electromagnetic Cloak at Microwave Frequencies



Rae Ann said...

Bee, I'm glad you could tell that was my comment. Blogger was having problems, and I didn't mean for it to be anonymous. Thanks! Oh, I'll be the one with the camera but not in the pictures. ;-)

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