Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Empty Wall

This is a PS to the earlier post Contemporary about the painting that hung in the PI lobby:

After I encouraged as many people as possible to not only tell me they don't like that thing, but to please voice their opinion in the art committee, here is what I found when I came back from LA:

See, every now and then, even a theoretical physicist can help to make the world a nicer place.


  1. Bee, at least now we know what was 'behind' it all, all along!
    Is there a dirty wall behind the painting, and behind it all - lol!
    So what's 'behind' the wall? don't tell me they've hung the painting there. Now that would be ...

  2. Behind the wall is the large lecture hall... Don't know what happened to the painting. What I wrote was 'I'd appreciate if the painting goes back to where it came from'. Gotta go, B.

  3. Bee, congrats on getting rid of that God-awful painting! Now you're ever-so-free to doodle some downright lovely equations upon the board...

  4. Hi Cynthia,

    :-) Thanks for the feedback. I was beginning to feel kind of sorry for the artist (as I wrote earlier, she's recently had a baby and apparently 'entered a new phase' with that painting). I'm not much of an art critic, I just look at a painting and either like it or don't. Well, in this case I didn't like it. But then I keep wondering whether I maybe just didn't understand the artist's intention, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, I'm happy that it's gone. It just made me feel very uneasy. Have a nice evening,


  5. It was hanging upside-down. If the artist says otherwise, then the artist is wrong.

  6. Wow, you've got some influence! Congrats!

  7. Hi Uncle,

    yeah, somebody else came up with the same idea. I doubt though it would have changed things dramatically. The resolution of the photo is pretty bad, but from the lower horizontal like there are some drops of paint running down (on purpose of course). That is, at least when it was painted it was hanging this direction. Best,


  8. this painting is tremendously ugly. even the plain wall is better!

  9. It was painted upside-down, too - by necessity! Now publish dialectic and critique, synthesis and syncresis... and what Penn and Teller gently call


  10. Hi Uncle,

    reg. freedom of creativity you'll like this: I found it yesterday in Wikipedia's 'Bad Jokes and other Deleted Nonsense'


    This word has its origins to the late Bulle Shittosky(1874-1941) who commonly used a shortened version of his name to express discontent. It slowly seeped into everyday conversation and now is a commonly used word.


  11. Hey Uncle,

    in case you're around, something completely different. I just googled for Raymond Chiao and it turned up some of your forum replies. Now I was wondering if you could say something about his proposed experiment (see e.g. the recent summary gr-qc/072100). It's puzzling for me why his attempted experiment is apparently financially well supported - hasn't anybody ever asked for a calculation of the effect? I've checked all of his paper, but the best I can find are handwavy arguments. Best,


  12. Chiao touted EM/GR conversion apparatus with 50% "theoretical" efficiency (gr-qc/0204012, Scientific American June 2002, "News Scan"; null result). Plank mass is a bacterium. Levitating highly charged monodisperse superfluid helium fog is unlikely. EM/GR unification is abundantly disappointing.

    Hehl and Weinberg recently argued (Physics Today 60(3) 16 (2007)) over spacetime curvature versus torsion. Metric and non-metric theories diverge on angular momentum. Metric maths' symmetry forbids first order spin-orbit coupling. Observe decades of double pulsar PSR J0737−3039A,B. Observe percentage divergence in two days in paired calorimeters. Challenge GR where it has no defense. Hehl and Weinberg each have unassailable theoretical positions. Only one can survive experiment. Hehl has the stronger position.

  13. Maybe the painting instead of a acid wash should reflect the abstract nature of gravitational thinking?

    Here is some "conceptual thinking" that may help in that direction if one did not like such "dynamical triangulation to cubism" in similar painting designs. Maybe just the wrong colours?

    Of course some might relate it to a "real mind field" with explosions and all, I hope to do that for people too:)Not a irritant: )



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