Monday, December 23, 2019

Monty Python's Galaxy Song [I've been singing again]

Here is what I did on the weekend. Happy Holidays everybody!

[You can download a mp3 version here.]


  1. Such a charming and lovely video, thank you!
    As a physics layman I want to say I'm really happy to have stumbled on your blog. So much of what you say seems relevant; you raise the questions I'd like to. Best wishes for 2020!

    1. Thanks! I am happy to hear you find my blog useful!

  2. No final quip about donating the liver. It's bugger all here, but I bet it is about the same mess out there.

  3. All of this over the weekend???

    Now I already know that (all on your lonesome) you write and record your own original songs and perform all of the musical instruments on them (plus shoot the video footage with the occasional help of someone moving the camera).

    However, Sabine, if you tell us that you also write the computer programs that produce the animated graphics (such as the fridge door opening up)…

    ...then I’m going to start wondering if you might be a product of some advanced genetic or AI experiment that some hidden company is going to reveal after you’ve won a Nobel Prize or something.

    (Their company name and slogan will be: “Welcome to the future! See what DNA DABBLINGS® can do to make your child smart too.” Ha!)

    Anyway, great job at creating such a fun way to convey facts about the universe.

    (Btw, I like the wig. Perhaps you should wear it for your serious presentations :)) – (or maybe not)


    1. Keith,

      In all fairness, I recorded the vocals for the song last weekend. But, yes, I did the video this weekend. Shootings are from Saturday. I did the animations on Sunday.

      No, I am not writing a computer program, I am using a pretty inexpensive standard (2-d) animation software. I keep thinking I should use a 3-d software, but these are more expensive and I am not sure it's worth it.

      I am super happy you like it. Thanks for the kind words :)

  4. Sabine.......I am a physics professor also, and I share all of your videos not only with them, but also with my friends....
    I simply love them. Keep them coming & have a great & healthy holiday

    1. Hello Professor,

      I always get a few complaints from people who are shocked to find out that I do something besides physics, so thanks for the feedback, I much appreciate it. Happy holidays to you too,


    2. Feynman said that physicists were often surprised to learn that he played the bongos*, but at bongo concerts people didn't seem surprised that he was a physicist.

      * or getting in fights in bars in buffalo, or picking up strippers, or dancing with students, or cracking safes, or drinking tea with milk and lemon,....

  5. Bravo, Sabine! I loved your performance. AND you’re a physicist? Wow.

  6. fab stuff Sabine! Great to have the creative outlet in your satchel

  7. Nice work Sabine -- but where is the shiny, blue vagina? I think the 3D software might be sometimes useful !-)


  8. Music and mathematics, two abstractions that complement each other very well. Merry Christmas

  9. Awesomely cute video! I'm amazed at your productivity and creativity. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  10. Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behavior and How to Effectively Communicate with Each in Business (and in Life)

  11. Well, you remind us that comedians are often among the most intelligent of entertainers, especially the Python gang!

    I do wonder why most people in the arts have done so little with the developments in science in the last few centuries. As recently as 1890, when my great-grandmother was in grade school, no one knew that electrons existed or what the structure of the atom was or that there was any galaxy outside the Milky Way or when the Universe began or a host of other facts about the reality we live in that all educated people now take for granted.

    In the period from 1890 to 1980, our view of the Universe was turned upside down, and yet this seems not to have affected most people aside from scientists.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you, Sabine, and all of your family and all the best in the coming year!


  12. Sabine,

    you are so much fighting the idea of beauty in science. But you produce beauty by this video - in some way also by other videos.
    Thank you very much for this.

    And have a good new year with further on producing videos, but primarily good ideas about physics.

  13. Cool cover. Great to relax, watch the xcellent video and remember when we knew everything.


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