Friday, October 02, 2015

Service Announcement: Backreaction now on facebook!

Over the years the discussion of my blogposts has shifted over to facebook. To follow this trend and to make it easier for you to engage, I have now set up a facebook page for this blog. Just "like" the page to get the newest blogposts and other links that I post :)


  1. I don't imagine Backreaction as a nose-squishing window. It's more like a gilded door. How 'bout borrowing a couple of squinties from

    Really good science is "having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick." Competing noses get squished.

  2. Hopefully the Facebook stuff is in addition to the discussion here, i.e. some sort of bidirectional gateway. Surely you don't expect all your readers to start using Facebook?!

    Will you at least continue to post and read comments here?

  3. Phillip,

    It's in addition. I just notice that a lot of people prefer to comment on facebook when I share links to my blogposts instead of commenting directly here. I figured then it would make sense to have a separate facebook page for this, which is more clearly dedicated to physics and stuff than my private facebook account. Best,


  4. arXiv:1509.04098 "Twitter has been transformed by common use to an information publishing venue. Statistics reported about a billion of Twitter subscribers, with 302 million monthly active users." CVs are forever hungry. "8^>)

  5. Left this on Bee's blog:
    Glad that Facebook is an addition, not a replacement. I've put a hard limit on social media participation. A couple of venues I was more or less forced into, for professional reasons. One I would really like to use is a Yahoo! property, but I am unwilling, due to privacy and transitive trust issues. The Facebook empire has the same issues, but currently lacks any real benefit to me.

    If you were migrating, instead of adding, you would be leaving me behind. That would be a very sad thing for me; I've probably read 75% of everything you have ever written, for mostly good reasons.

    But that hard limit really is a hard limit, particularly in the case of an empire founded by Zuckerberg. People tend to forget (or they never knew) but here's something from 2010.,news-6794.html


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