Saturday, November 08, 2014

Make a guess, win a book.

The twins' piggy banks are full, so I've slaughtered them. Put in your guess of how much they've swallowed and you can win a (new) copy of Chad Orzel's book "How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog". (No, I'm not getting paid for this, I have a copy I don't need and hope it will make somebody happy.) You can put in your guess until Monday, midnight, East Coast Time. I will only take into account guesses posted in the comments - do not send me an email. I am looking for the amount in Cent or Euro, not the number of coins. The winners will be announced Tuesday morning. Good luck!


  1. $22.22 USD of course - because good things come in twos. :)

  2. 200,00 €
    your daughters are rich!

    would approximate it to a squashed hemisphere of coins with radius of 10 coins, (2/3) * pi * 10^3 coins ~ 2000 coins
    considering an average of 10 c per coin since most coins are the smaller darker ones

    my guess is 2000 * 0.1 = 200 euros


  3. Imagine the result if one were to moisten the pile with electrolyte - the Gatorade Device.

  4. pi*50 Euros/e ~ 57.78654148947128 euros

  5. Being a twin myself, and having twin sisters, maybe I have an edge.

    $24.05 USD.

  6. 191,70 €
    Pedro Bicudo's idea didn't look bad to me, but I used a somewhat different radius, and made it a squashed half watermelon, and made wild guesses abuot the relative abundance of Euro coins in small donations (the 50 ¢ dominate, because this is "ne Maak").

  7. 6398 Mauritanian Ouguiya

    (because it's roughly the area of a triangle of base pi^5 and height 42 in weird units - so I guess there must be some meaning)

  8. I don't have a dog to teach QM to. Just for the fun, I would bet €100 for each piggy bank.

  9. 157.33 Euros.

    Does that mean you don't have to know QM in order to teach it?

    Also, will there be behavioral changes to the dog?

  10. $27.18.

    As a child I had a bank in the shape of a small cash register, with a slot for coins and a lever to pull which would empty the slot into the inside and add the coin's value to a total shown at the top front. When the total reached $10, the back would open and I could empty the bank to buy Christmas presents for my brothers and sister and parents. At a an allowance of a nickel ($0.05) a day, it seemed to take forever to fill up that bank. To this day if I see a penny ($0.01) on the sidewalk I pick it up.


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