Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Stefan honors the Easter tradition by coloring eggs every year. The equipment for this procedure is stored in a cardboard shoe-box labeled "Ostern" (Easter). The shoe-box dates back to the 1950s and once contained a pair of shoes produced according to the newest orthopedic research.

I had never paid much attention to the shoe-box but as Stefan pointed out to me this year, back then the perfect fit was sought after by x-raying the foot inside the shoe. The lid of the box contains an advertisement for this procedure which was apparently quite common for a while.

Click to enlarge. Well, they don't xray your feet in the shoe stores anymore, but Easter still requires coloring the eggs. And here they are:

Happy Easter everybody!


  1. Happy Easter to the Hossenfelder-Scherers and all their friends and associates, and God (or Quantum Fluctuation) bless us everyone, said Tiny Tim. No wait, wrong holiday. :-) Well, you get the idea.

    Beautiful eggs by the way, really deep and rich colors. Shiny too. I've never seen eggs that beautiful. Well done.

  2. What a beautiful compact language German is! Just try translating the word "Fussgerecht" with all its connotations.

  3. Hi Steven:

    You rub them with oil, that's what makes them shiny. Thanks for the good wishes, I hope you have a peaceful holiday yourself (I forget if it's a national holiday in the USA). Best,


  4. We don't have Easter yet but Happy Easter anyway...

    Of course we don't just colour eggs for Easter, we are much more plethoric :-)

  5. Hi Bee,

    So as It appears when it comes to the house of the BackReactors that Stefan is the Osterhase as being their creator. I would ask though if he also hides them for Gloria and Lara or is that your role as part of the complementary duo? One thing for certain the Osterhase goes back a long way in German tradition when it comes to the celebration of Easter. I wish a happy Easter to all the BackReactors both big and small and all the BackReactants out there.

    "Der Hasen und der Löffel drei,
    und doch hat jeder Hase zwei."

    -Author unknown


  6. After Phil's greeting, a plain Happy Easter seems drab, so I just cosponsor his motiion!

  7. Hallo Bee and Stefan!
    I remember a X-Ray apparatus in a shoe store
    in early 50ties, but no longer in use then.
    It looked similar to this:,1518,268071,00.html

    Some special pretreatment to get shiny eggs and high color intensity
    is to bath them for a minute in vinegar, or have some vinegar in the colorizing solution.
    Schöne Eiertage

  8. Easter's male oviparous mammal selflessly disseminates his effusively decorated hardboiled offspring. Oiling is optically clever!

    Google Pisanki and Pysanky. The manual arts beg for mathematical elaboration and de novo 3-D printing as metal lacework eggs, perhaps with interesting visible fillings,

  9. What beautiful ßs that box has! :)

    (Does the law of associativity hold for s's?)


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