Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Melvin the Machine: a Rube Goldberg machine with a twitter account.

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

[via, more info]


  1. I think it simply lifts a camera to look back at the entire apparatus.

  2. It's an example for intelligent design ;-)

    It takes pictures of the audience at some points and automatically uploads them to twitter. I'm not too thrilled about that, I just like things rolling and banging and burning.

  3. Hi Bee,

    A good example of potential only being realized with the kinetic; however with it being in HQ my Wi-Fi connection had it progress at times at the pace of a mountain range being realized to becoming rolling hills :-)



  4. Hi Phil,

    You have to learn about internet connections and hi speed....has been a "cult science" maintained by it's providers:)

    All these devices...meant too help the consumer, all the while, the access was technological very simplistic.

    They just wanted to dazzle you with new products and slow you down with the technological?:)

    You know UBB and vertical integration?

    Had to explain how BIG Five could buy "Television and video viewing data accumulation" and maintain it's purchasing portfolio to provide you with new packages:)IPTV anyone? Oh sweet Shaw it thought to include. Yep, we've all been conned Phil.


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  6. Rube Goldberg machines with new appreciable video features, you never cease to amaze me Bee.....:)


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