Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

Today, I want to draw your attention to this groundbreaking paper:

He summarizes the results of his recent research very aptly in the below shown presentation, which also provides an example for how to give an excellent talk:

See also: Why 3000 chickens crossed the road

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  1. Chick,
    Chicken chicken chick-chicken chicken chicken, chicken chickChicken chicken chicken chicken chicken.:)

  2. Chickens, missed it - but I read the paper ;-)

    - Chick

    PS: I think I've heard that talk a thousand times before. Just replace 'chicken' with 'pion' or 'spin-foam'.

  3. Spell check.

    PI assimilated Lenny Susskind You now dare not call the string longer than wide - that's discrimination! All dimensions are equal.

  4. :-)

    A great talk including a backup slide for a perfect answer to a very good question!

  5. I went to a different talk. That one went, "Bullshit boring Bullshit boring, Bullshit boring Bullshit boring, therefore Bullshit boring Bullshit boring. Any questions?"

  6. Any questions? yeah... why did you stay? If I had to choose between bullshit and boring, I'd choose bullshit, at least it's more entertaining. But boring bullshit is of the worst kind.

  7. "Not even bullshit"?


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