Sunday, May 20, 2007

Relax while waiting

Bee will be offline for the next few days... In the meantime, you may like to relax a bit and listen to some nice background noise ...

... birds' songs, recorded this morning at 5:30, in the countryside.


  1. Hi Stefan,

    thanks... I have kicked the hotel guy to fix his stupid WLAN, but it's shaky, so you won't hear all that much of me the next days. Best,


    PS: Ah, I just see. At least they brought me a 2nd towel that is somewhat larger than textbook size. Weird place.

  2. btw, the recording is really good. lovely :-) How did you manage that?

  3. In my first tries, three weeks ago, I just used the built-in microphone of the ibook - but the result was not very convincing.

    Now, I have bought an external USB microphone, at last, and I have just set it up next to the notebook, outside in the garden. In the early morning, there are no other noises around, and the birds' songs are especially loud, so it worked out quite well without any further efforts.

    The only nuisance was the wind, which made some loud noises from time to time - but not on this short sound clip.

  4. Wow. Cool stuff. I'd definetly not have the willpower to get up that early to listen to the birds. :D I just open up my window at about 7, and I hear 'em whistle enough.

  5. How cool! It sounds exactly like my backyard. Very interesting.

  6. Hi Francis,

    well, I had been thinking about setting an alarm clock, but then I was awake anyway, and just went outside in the garden with my notebook and the microphone... You known, when your wife is far away over the ocean, you sometimes think that sending her some greetings other than phone calls, cards, emails may be nice, and take some efforts to produce them :-)...

    Hi Rea Ann,

    I don't want to be nitpicking, but I doubt that it sounds "exactly" as in your backyard, since the North American population of birds is quite different from the European...

    Well, I am not so sure about this, but indeed, I guess the songs are different, and some experts could clearly hear it - my father for example, he would have noted a difference...

    That's some "small difference" I find quite remarkable about North America - that the birds there are so alien... Unfortunately, I havent't been there yet in springtime with an opportunity to carefully listen to their songs...

    Best, stefan


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