Monday, June 13, 2011

New Painting

Okay, it's not really new. I actually started it last fall, but only finished this week. It's called "Herbstschatten" (Shadow of fall). Click to enlarge.


  1. Cool photo, but isn't it a bit photoshoped?

  2. American essayist and poet R.W. Emerson once wrote that you could see a whole Universe in a single leaf and I am sure, that this is not far from the truth, if not more poetic... Just compare the structure of leaf veins and nested foam of dark streaks, for example - everything is connected with everything there. The archetypal beauty of such shapes is, what attracts the people to such drawings.

  3. I cropped the borders if that's what you mean. Otherwise it's a completely unmodified, slightly blurry, no flash photo that I took yesterday evening.

  4. Of course it appears shopped, because hand drawn image is always completelly shopped. I should say "bazinga" at times, as the formally thinking people don't recognize sarcasm too well...;-) The ability to recognize sarcasm requires the ability to observe subject from both dual sides of it.

  5. "The artist challenges the viewer by excluding Golden Ratios, minimal surfaces, and arachnophilic radial symmetries. A brutal crudely porous barrier repels a monochrome palette of the highest frequencies snaring perception, plunging the viewer into blue ice depths of approaching winter despair.

    What hope lies beyond the barrier? Illusions of eusocial metrics and scientistic containment within Euclidean constraints cannot prevail. Actinic presence promises Spring's resurrection only if we have faith beyond our patience."

  6. What is the medium? I have turpentine in my blood as my parents are both great artists indeed they met in art school.

    Coolness, I had no idea you're an artist as well. Very nice bee. Perhaps the list of things you can't do is shorter than those you can? :)

  7. Hi Uncle,

    Ha :-) Do you have a code for that garble? I used to sell some paintings in a gallery and they always wanted some blabla of that sort that I never really knew what to write. Best,


  8. Hi Steven,

    Acrylics on canvas. Used to paint in oil, but turpentine sucks in small apartments. I always think everybody knows I paint... I have some older paintings on my homepage. Best,


  9. Wow! Good stuff, Bee, thanks. I didn't know you had a home page either. Mom did acrylics clay sculpture and Dad sold a lot of his oil paintings, yeah the artsy crowd is funny.

    When you went to New York City, did you check out MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Guggenheim? The contempoary art galleries in Soho/Chelsea are my favorite... tons of inspiration for those interested in Mathematics and Science.

  10. Interesting. Is there images of your parents' stuff online? Did your mother have an oven for the clay? I love clay, but the logistics seems difficult. Yes, I spent a day at the MOMA, but didn't have time for more. (Well, I was there for a conference...)

  11. First, I'm happy you got to spend any time there at all. I've been to conferences as well so I know what you mean.

    My mother tried her hand at many mediums, she only did 3 pieces and that was as a student of Waylande Gregory's, a noted American Sculptor of yesteryear who lived 2 miles north of our house in Warren, NJ. He had ovens, oh boy did he ever. He once had the biggest ovens on earth. He made the 3-times life-size statues that adorned the entrance to the 1936 Chicago World's Fair. He did wire sculpture as well and a strange unique glazing. He and Dad were best buddies, and he taught me to read a Tarot cards deck when I was 8 which would lead to a lifetime love of the Renaissance, and cards.

    I don't put my pic out in public for personal reasons of protecting my wife and kids. Soon my wife will celebrate 30 years of being a hotshot lab tech in the Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Pure Physics Research Division or whatever they call it these days, so for reasons I am not at liberty to reveal (DARPA, maybe?) her privacy must be protected. I will however send a fam pic privately to you at Facebook.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi Bee,

    Thanks for sharing your latest creation and nice to see you continue to paint. I must say I like this one, as its both simple and complex, bringing to mind many images and feelings; that is in its entirety and also in its parts.

    More importantly for me however, is when I look at paintings I often like to imagine what inspired them and the artist’s frame of mind at the time. I think many overlook that a painting not only reveals what the artist sees, but also the place from where they are observing what is seen. That is all paintings are a mirror, just that most times what is reflected has to be deduced, inferred and yet most critically imagined.

    “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

    - Pablo Picasso



  14. Do you have a code for that garble? As an undergraduate I suffered Social Psychology (how to codify crap). Add Rorschach test mummery. Admire late model French philosophers (ambiguity wrapped in dust bunnies). Add elegant gibberish.
    "form-color" implies a more refined control of impulse than "color-form"
    "Ask Dr. Schund"

    1) Abandon all illusions of self-respect (psychology), 2) Call your target an idiot in the nicest possible way (philosophy), 3) continuously contradict yourself (Zen), 4) Abuse vocabulary (advertising), 5) Keep a straight face while doing it (religion), 6) Never sum to a discrete conclusion (quantum gravitation; Yukawa potentials).

    If all else fails... create something new. They'll hate your for it, which is better than anomie.

    Evidence that a hologoraphic universe might be scaled by the ohno!second

  16. Yes interesting pic Bee.

    I have to admit of seeing leaf designs as well..Whether intended or not as Zephir did.

    Uncle Al terms of what arise subjectively whether one thinks it gobble gook....these are extensions of the soul?

    I did not see your picture of the back of someone, or while bored in lecture "mountain picture drawings?"

  17. Rorschach test

    Sometimes a certain part of our awareness can go deeper then the average awake day individual?

    So what was the idea, or did you let the picture arise free flowing?


  18. To them, I said,
    the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images.
    -Plato, The Republic (Book VII)

    Art and Communication



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