Monday, March 13, 2006


And I always thought it never rains in Southern California! Unfortunately, its been raining the whole weekend. Stefan was surprised to find that it is actually true what I told him again and again. If its raining, water stays in the streets and runs into the houses. Someone should tell the poor Californians that its not so really smart to have the middle of the junction be the deepest point of the road! Even my favourite Cafe was closed due to flooding. And no, the rain was not really heavy.

Anyway, so I stayed at home and tried to sort out some papers. I have been trying lately to get some idea what the mysterious Loop Gravity is about. I still don't know. I made one or the other attempt to look at Lee's lectures. Which you find very nicely commented on Christine's blog. The only thing I learned so far was the sentence 'Don't trust me on the signs.' Which could be written in the abstract of all of my papers.

What I found very useful though was

An Introduction to Spin Foam Models of Quantum Gravity and BF Theory
Author: John C. Baez

Which seems to be understandable if one takes more than a weekend to look at it. What that has to do with Quantum Gravity or, even worse, reality, is still very mysterious to me.

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