Friday, March 10, 2006

Der alte Winter in seiner Schwäche

Somehow, winter in Germany seems not to come to an end this year. I can not remember that there has been for once so much snow still in march. But at least, daylight is already clearly longer, and this afternoon was nice and sunny. So, I decided to stop working at six, got in my car and drove in the Taunus, using the Autobahn along Bad Homburg to Oberursel, and went up to the Feldberg. This is a nice place to walk around in the snow and with a great view of the Frankfurt region. In springtime and summer, there are always lots of bikers up there. Not today, of course, but instead, funny enough, there were lots of caravans parked in the snow. I was quite amazed about this first, and there were dogs barking all around, but then I realized that there was or will be some dogsled race.

There is a look-out tower on the Feldberg, and although night was already falling, I decided to climb up. Its costs you 1.60 € and some 120 steps, and ususally is worth the effort, since the view from up there is not blocked by trees.

The photo shows the view in the direction towards Frankfurt. The hilltop in the foreground is the Altkönig, where some celtic remains can be found. The lights to the right are Frankfurt International Airport, and at the left, one can guess the city skyline.

Unfortunately, when I was up there tonight, the view was not the best, with new snow showers approaching from the west.

But that gave me the chance to take this silly photo when I was down from the tower again and it was really getting dark. You guess what it is?

No, not some stars in the sky - just snowflakes in the flashlight of my small camera...

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