Thursday, March 09, 2006

Long distance

Today I was one the phone for HOURS. Discussing elementary questions like which flower arrangements I want on the wedding reception. Having repeated several times that I absolutely don't care, my mother insisted on hearing my opinion. I went for white white (as opposed to cream white) and burgundy (though I said blood red). Needless to say that my mother immediately objected and told me I want apricot.

Then why does she ask for my opinion in the first place.

Not to mention that my boss dropped in when several photos of bridal dresses suddenly plopped around on my screen. You see, getting married is really funny.

Okay, I am being unfair. Just that my mum doesn't get the point that I am at WORK when she calls at 9pm from Germany.

Sadly that's a problem I have heard from many others. Time shift 6 hrs and up causes problems in the best relationships. Sometimes I think my poor fiance :-) just never sleeps.


  1. Oops, the story with the boss is really funny! Tsts, and I thought no one besides you and your mum and maybe your best man are allowed to see the dress before ;-)

    By the way, it seems that there are more marriages around at SB...

    But yeah, the phone thing... that's sometimes a little difficult... But there are also other ways to communicate!

  2. I wish there was THE dress. There are thousands of them!


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