Thursday, March 30, 2006

Out of the blue

Out of the blue, I got this Email from Bee inviting me to contribute to her blog. And who could say no to a charming personality as Bee?

The first thing I had to do was to create a username. So I started thinking and decided for one and of course it wasn't available. I started thinking again (and again and again) and figured that a lot of stuff I would probably be writing about in this blog would be about me feeling like a complete alien in the country of the free. And then I had this nice conversation/discussion over lunch with one of my bosses who attested me, that I was really thinking and arguing like a european - whatever he wanted to say with that! Well, therefore I decided to go for "Eurogirl", which - of course - was also taken, so I became "Eurogirl_de".

Would be nice if some superhero powers and a fancy superhero outfit would come with this username - so I could bring the absolute basic necessities to this country, for example: ground nuts of all sort for an affordable price, bigger tampons, eatable cheesecake, toilett paper with more than one layer, mineral water that acutally contains minerals, ...

Well, I guess I got a little pissed this week. Eventually I found the time to have my car washed. Besides the fact that my order "basic wash, underbody wash and wax" was understood as "basic wash, underbody wash and vacs" everything went fine there. Taking some time to appreciate that my car was shiny again I saw some spots on the hood and took a closer look on my 3 month old car (it's a nice, beautiful and really small Chevy). Obviously some stones had hit the hood and left some marks/scratches there - so far nothing really to worry about - I ordered a small bottle of the paint a few weeks ago, so I was prepared. However taking a closer look I spottet rust! On my 3 month old car! Well, I guess that was bound to happen - taking into account the quality of roads and the amount of salt on the streets. Definitely have to make a mental note for that. Wash your car every month and check for scratches. Great - but hey, what's the problem? I got soooo much free time!

Okay, so I still have my job to cheer me up. Hah. Okay, I admit it wasn't that bad this week and I really stumbled across a really nice homepage. Actually I was looking for some information on Christoffel Symbols that I had come across while reading a paper. Not that this things were used in this paper - but what the heck, probably the authors thought that they might show the rest of the world that they now this stuff. Nevertheless I finally wanted to know what these things are and googled for some information on general relativity (at least that much I knew) and found this really weird homepage (regrettably most of it is in german):Principle of Existence - dedicated to "proof" that special and general relativity are wrong and are basicaly only a conspiracy theory and all experiments and everything else around it has been forged or misinterpreted. Ah, the main point: Everything can be explained by "The Principle of Existence". Splendid! He really put a lot of effort there - so if your bloodpressure happens to be too low - this site is a real cure for that. Especially the forum.

Oh, the real highlight of this week: I found new hope to get good bubble tea in the area.

Have a good one,

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  1. Hey Hey, Eurogirl :-)

    I am very happy you are joining our blog! Actually, this was the 3rd time I sent you the invitation. Same problem as with Joerg: it probably ended up in your spam filter.

    I am at UCLA at the moment and I am very happy my car survived the trip. Since it grew up in Arizona, it seems it can't stand rain, and recently has repeatedly refused service completely. The check engine light has become a constant feature and noises are getting funnier.

    I remember my ex had a rusthole in the floor in front of the passenger seat. He had a gummi mat to put on, but when it was raining, you were likely to get your feet wet...

    Say hello to your car from mine,



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