Thursday, February 01, 2007

The party goes on!

It seems that we Germans have a perfect opportunitiy to recycle the flags we have bought last Summer! The handball national team made it to the finals of the championship tonight!

It was an extremely thrilling match, and decided only in the last minute of the second extension: Bad luck for the French, to be beaten with 32:31 goals!

In the meantime, the excitement is reaching more and more people. In fact, hardly anyone had taken notice of the start of the championship two weeks ago, although it takes place in Germany! But tonight, everything is different - there was even an interruption of a session of the Bundestag when the news of the victory against France came in.

Now, we all are looking forward to the finals against the Polish team on Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Here in France, every commenter blame the two referees for the defeat (even during the match the TV commenters commented almost more the referees'decisions than the game)

    But it is obvious than Germany has not stolen its victory and was very strong at the end of the game

    So congratulations ! And good luck for the final


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