Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Bang Bubbles

More beautiful fractals on the websites of the exhibition series The Frontier between Art and Science.


  1. Oh,

    so, that's the multiverse ;-)

    I like very much the sunflowers.

    BTW, the online edtion of the Zeit shows pictures from an exhibition "mathematics and concrete art", which I find much less convincing. At least, they reveal a very rudimentary and naive understanding of what is maths, in my opinion.

    Best, stefan

  2. Indeed, that's what I also thought. If it comes with such nice pics, I might even begin to like the multiverse idea ;-)

    Just that today I stumbled across a really awful crackpot site where some guy cooked up a totally wacky interpretation of ten dimensions, the multiverse, quantum mechanics and time travel to argue that you can tunnel from the universe where you're broke to the universe where you're a rich and famous guy. So much about the multiverse and how scientific research 'inspires' our society. (No, I'm not going to link there).

    Anyway, the fractal I liked best is this one, except for the title 'Alien Blood'. To me it looks more like the first seeds of crystal growth in a liquid or so.



  3. Very pretty! I like this one:

    It looks like an unfolding leaf or fern frond.

  4. Hi Rae Ann,

    true! Looks indeed like a fern, I love these :-) It also reminds me a bit of a hurricane that creates chaos around it. Best,


  5. Hello Stefan and Bee,

    Are you judging a book by it's cover? :)


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