Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Germany vs. Equador 3:0

Greetings from Frankfurt,


  1. You are a jet-setter.
    German technology and super efficiency: beautiful cars and machines, beautiful cities and buildings, beautiful people, brilliant minds. Laters ... Q

  2. PS - Congratulations on the football score and greetings from Cambridge, England (EU), Earth. -Q

  3. I look forward to a final

    Brazil X Germany

    Best wishes

  4. hi quasar,

    thanks for the praise of the whole nation :-) I object on the beautiful cities, and the beautiful people are all in California...

  5. Frankfurt looks good to me, and New Berlin, well maybe its just the Mason in me likes Stone.
    Not everyone's cuppa tea, but I'm a chocolat man, I believe the Incas were really onto something. Q

    PS - Brazil v Germany? so Christine people can support different 'teams' and still love each other. laters ...

  6. Germany has still to meet Argentina in quarter-finals. I'm sorry Bee, but I'm afraid you will be watching from outside how Christine and I root for our teams in the final... ;-)

    Oh, and congratulations and best wishes on your wedding!

  7. Hi Christine, Hi Alejandro,

    lets wait and see!

    Thanks for the good wishes to our wedding. Tomorrow is going to be completely nuts, my mother is running in circles and driving me insane. (I don't even have time to write a post on my blog... oh, no, there she is again... something about the flowers on the car... which car? which flowers?...) Gotta go, B.

  8. Do you stand by your bold claims, Aljeandro or are you getting nervous already?

  9. The final Germany : Brasil is coming closer :-)

    This evening, the German team won over Argentina 5:3 (after shootout), and will meet the Italian team next Tuesday!

  10. Unfortunately, neither Brasil nor Germany will be in the final next Sunday:

    Italy late show sends Germany out

    Congratulations to the Italian team!


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