Thursday, February 01, 2007

This and That


  1. Hi Bee,
    how are you?

    You told me that I should sing the background song myself. That was tough because the background music on my blog is chosen randomly from 9 songs by the LHC, the band from CERN.

    So I recorded all nine of these songs for you. See the files starting with lhc on

    I hope you will enjoy them. :-)


  2. Hi Lubos,

    always busy - who's not? How are you? Thanks for the info, I guessed it was the pretty ladies from CERN, I got a song that said something about daddy's lab or so. I didn't come back to notice it's a randomizer, but thanks for the link. The singer has a very pleasant voice actually, do you happen to know her? I just generally dislike sites that pop up things, have stuff flying around, or play sounds I didn't chose to hear.



  3. btw Stefan, I'm still waiting for the care package!

    Hey, no kidding:
    I was pareparing one today :-)
    So, have a little patience ...

  4. I dislike sites with jumping windows and screams, too, just like spam.

    This general sentiment makes it harder but not impossible to create spam or background music that is actually pleasant. ;-)

    I liked their voices etc., too. If you're interested in this band, go to LHC.

    I didn't put my versions of these songs because the left-wing mafia would try to deny, for political reasons, that the blog owner is the one true savior of music. I don't want music to be politicized in this way...


  5. Hi Bee,

    Thanks for the Asimov's short story. It turned out that I was Asimov, but I have never read anything by the dude, until now (not that the latter requirement was somehow necessary, given that I don't get the point of such a thing). Reality is I have never been a fan of Sci-Fi, mainly because I never grew up with a liking of the culture.


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