Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Principle of Finite Imagination II

See also: The Principle of Finite Imagination.


  1. :-) who is it feeding the fish? some kind of intelligent designer?

  2. reminds me of the opening sequence of Monty Pythons "The meaning of life"'s_the_Meaning_of_Life#Opening_Sequence

    the fish on the right does look a bit like Susskind, not ?

  3. Yes it does!

    The worms represent strings, too?

  4. nah, the worms represent the finetuned conditions that enable life, and temptingly hang directly in front of our faces. I haven't much to say about the alleged similarity to Susskind. Except maybe: gloob... gloob... gloob...



  5. *LOL* There are a lot of wormholes in the multiverse!

  6. The fish is "soul food." The water the unconsicous, all possible facets of the sensorium. The hook and worm, aspects of the "focus held" while you are fishing. :)

    One possible explanation I was going to add earlier? Of course then, there is your explanation. "That" supersedes any thing I have to say. :)


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