Saturday, October 17, 2020

I Can’t Forget [Remix]

In the midst of the COVID lockdown I decided to remix some of my older songs. Just as I was sweating over the meters, I got an email out of the blue. Steven Nikolic from Canada wrote he’ be interested in remixing some of my old songs. A few months later, we have started a few projects together. Below you see the first result, a remake of my 2014 song “I Can’t Forget”.

If you want to see what difference 6 years can make, in hardware, software, and wrinkles, the original is here.


  1. As I was watching the video I was playing a little game of guessing what the English meaning of the German words on doors, cabinets, and boxes were. “Ebene” on the door leading into a parking garage was easy, had to be “Level” in English, and it checked out.

    "Luftungzentrale" I figured was "main elevator". I got thrown on the “luft” part thinking it meant “lift”, which is what elevators are called in England. But I should have realized that Air Force in German is Luftwaffe, and the largest German carrier Lufthanza also has the root “luft” in it, while “hansa” means guild, specifically in reference to the Hanseatic League. Looking up Luftungzentrale in English I found it meant “Ventilation Center”. But I couldn’t find the meaning of “Lofotengatan-35”, for an address in Sweden on a cardboard box, but presumed it meant “floor-35” in either Swedish or German, but neither came up in translation. “…itung Trocken Feuerwehr” came up (the last two words) as “Dry fire brigade”. So, if I knew the first word that ended in “..itung” the whole phrase probably meant Dry Fire Extinguisher.

    1. Lofotengatan is the name of a street I used to live. It's indeed Swedish and not German. I moved from Frankfurt to Tucson, to Santa Barbara, to Waterloo in Canada to Stockholm and back to Germany, though not to Frankfurt. When I moved back I just dumped my household in storage and it's still sitting there.

  2. What wrinkles?? You looked the same in both to me, just a bit higher res in most parts of the second one!

  3. Completely off-topic here (and you can choose not to post this comment), but since I'm not registered on Twitter I can't answer your "poll".
    Maybe you shouldn't go to Paris in the next few weeks. It's probably not one of the safest places in the world...

    But in any case, you should be aware that the graph you posted is totally biased: in March-April France was only testing serious cases (that could lead to hospitalization), and the number of confirmed cases was of the same order of magnitude as the number of hospital admissions. Whereas today there is a ratio of 20 between these two numbers.

    a Parisian

  4. Nothing at all wrong, really, with either version but I like the old one better. I guess because it has more special effects? It mixes visual effects with some quite mundane images and maybe the contrast works for me.

  5. Nice trippy electronic sound.

  6. Forgive me, I didn't mean to offend you.
    I apologize.
    I think black holes can be the ultimate closed system.
    Not for publication.
    * * *
    Good luck!

  7. Hi Sabine. !!!

    I can't tell you how
    In tune with the universe this is.
    I'd be an idiot to coment now.
    All Love.

  8. Indeed, when you opened that final door,it looked like a beautiful day.
    Love your work.



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