Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Science News


Arun said...

Happy April Fool's Day!

Michael F. Martin said...

Back in the day, Mr. Lisi (not a Dr. yet) used to have the wave equation on his board. I wonder what he surfs on now.

Plato said...

The island of Maui is now offering the ultimate Lisi-Cruise, including a three-day crash course on how to surf like a theoretical physicist and a visit of all the roots of E8.


Ah! so Lisi now has some "cosmic boat ride to the computerized informational world of gaming?

Haven't looked at the link yet.:) I do that after I post this.


Plato said...

now offering the ultimate Lisi-Cruise,

Ya okay, link does not work, means the cruise is a bust?:)


Garrett said...

Book now and you'll also get a complimentary beach towel, and E6.

Phil Warnell said...

Let’s see now, Hang 10 minus 2 TOEs equals E8. I think I finally get it:-)

stefan said...

Thanks, Great news :-) This year's April seems to be very good for ideas!

Cheers, Stefan

Count Iblis said...

Latest news on the Dog particle

"Everyone is eagerly awaiting the discovery of the Kibble boson (known colloquially as "The Dog Particle"), which was missed at the Fermi National Labrador. There have been speculations that it is too light to observe with available accelerators because it is really a gallstone boson, but such claims are unfunded. "

Count Iblis said...

How to conserve energy without losing momentum

Neil' said...

Yeah, happy April Fool's but you know what? Lots of people take that concept seriously or semi-seriously, about the universe being a computation or we should be "Boltzmann brains" etc.
(Maybe the word verification is trying to tell me something, it offered "warnist". That means, someone who likes to give warnings ...

Georg said...

Hello Garrett,
is this "complimentary beach towel"
Vogon-Proof quality?

Garrett said...

I don't know how the heck Michael knew that about the wave equation on my surfboards, but this should answer his question and Georg's.

Bee said...

Neil: Yes, I know what.

Garrett: Nice! Have fun :-)

Georg said...

Hello Garrett,
do You know the Grimm Brothers tale
"The Hare and The Hedgehog"?
I'm feeling like the hare now :=;
Those people in Oregon should sell
42-Towels along with the T-shirts.