Thursday, April 09, 2009

Moving on

“Must leave Canada by 31 Aug 2009” - is what it says in my work permit. Fellow readers of this blog know I have thus been looking for a new job. I am happy to tell you today that the search is over - beginning September, I will start my new position as an assistant professor at NORDITA in Stockholm. I would like to thank all of you who have expressed their support and encouragement in many comments, emails and messages during the last months. Happy Easter to all of you :-)


Dr M said...

Congratulations! Welcome to Sweden! It's good to see enthusiastic young researchers get professor positions at Nordita.

Georg said...

Hello Bee,
found a hive at last?
Viel Erfolg.

Michael F. Martin said...

What a great place to end up. Congrats!

DV8 2XL said...

Canada's loss, good luck on you new posting

andy.s said...

And very convenient if you should happen to win the Nobel Prize!

By the by, if you move to Stockholm and you decide you like it there, does that mean you have Stockholm Syndrome?

Arun said...

Congratulations, Professor Bee!

CoffeeCupContrails said...


Uncle Al said...

Godspeed, Bee! Approach lutefisk with caution, surströmming with dread. Both destroy silverware on contact and permanently affix to crockery if not washed off point of use. The surströmming museum is in Skeppsmalen, 30 km north of Örnsköldsvik, itself at the northern end of Höga Kusten in north Sweden. Like a Frank Gehry building, everybody should visit once - as a dire warning.

changcho said...

Ah well congrats then! I hope you'll still be blogging from Sweden.

Garrett said...

Congratulations Sabine. Good to see that your work and long search paid off.

Low Math, Meekly Interacting said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

jay said...

Many congratulations, Sabine! Though you go to Sweden, you are virtually here, right? I look forward to hearing about Northern Lights.


Phil Warnell said...

Hi Bee (A.K.A. Prof, Hossenfelder),

It so nice to hear the news you’ve found placement in what I consider to be the second best Hockey nation on the planet. Now that as I suspect you will teach a bit, perhaps you should take with you a hockey stick to use as a pointer as is the PI tradition. Who knows if nothing else it may even have some of your students pay closer attention:-) All levity aside, once again congratulations and continued success?



sylow said...

Hi Bee,
Congrats...Now almost done in Canada, what are your thoughts on it? I am asking that as a former postdoc in Canada :-)

Kris Krogh said...

Barack becomes a president and Bee becomes a professor. Maybe there is some justice in the world!



marco cirelli said...


Giotis said...

Congratulations professor Hossenfelder!

Back to Europe for good then...I hope that you'll continue to blog.

Frédéric Balmer said...

Herzliche Gratulation zur neuen Herausforderung als Assistant Professor.
Stockholm ist in der Tat eine der schönsten Städte Europas, sei dir unser aller Neid gewiss ;-)

Psmith said...

Congratulations Madame !

Thomas Larsson said...

Willkommen in Stockholm!

Ist die Anstellung permanent oder zeitbegrenzt?

Bee said...

Danke :-) Die Stelle ist zeitbegrenzt.

Bee said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your kind wishes. I am indeed very happy about the job, and though I will miss America, also happy to go back to Europe.

I don't know whether I will continue blogging. It has less to do with my move than with me getting tired of blogging more generally. I feel like I am repeating myself too many times, and my blogging has developed a tendency to become a link dump for interesting-things-I-came-across, which is less time-consuming but also less rewarding than original writing.

Anyway, you can be sure I'll document my moving frustrations here. I am already mentally selling off furniture and boxing my apartment (keep or toss?). Luckily I hear they have IKEA in Sweden ;-)



Phil Warnell said...

Hi Bee,

“I feel like I am repeating myself too many times, and my blogging has developed a tendency to become a link dump for interesting-things-I-came-across, which is less time-consuming but also less rewarding than original writing.”

I think I can safely say that if you do curtail your blogging it will be missed by many and also a general loss. Yet with you becoming a assistant professor, structuring curriculum, lecturing and evaluation will necessarily certainly take up much of your time, which leaves less time for research let alone blogging.

I think you narrow too much as to what constitutes original thought, for although perhaps within places like PI or universities some of what you say could be just part of everyday discussion yet in the greater world for the most part practically non existent. If it happens that you limit your posts to only those which are totally of your own mind and far less frequent I for one will consider it something worth waiting for.

Just as suggestion, after you settle in at your new position, perhaps you might entice some of your students to continue in part what you may be left with little time for. After all, the primary function of teaching is to open the minds of your students to the widest view and consideration of perspective.



Christine said...

Congratulations and good luck in your new position!

Best wishes,

notevenwrong said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that the job search worked out well.


Sojourner said...

congrats Bee :)
Hope you will continue to blog. I am sure there will be interesting things to share in the future. After all, you are going to deal with 'raw and fresh minds' :)

Anonymous said...



Tkk said...

Warmest congratulations to-be professor Bee.

I wonder if Stefan is going to join you?

I also wonder if you're going to replace your Blackberry with a Nokia phone (well, Finland is next door)? ;-)

Well, I've been to Stockholm a few times and their winter is only slightly better than Waterloo. But I am sure your famous blog personality will make Nordita a far more recognized name.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know whether I will continue blogging."

Please don't take this the wrong way....but I think that you will find blogging more rewarding if you write more about your research in physics, less about other stuff.

Flavio said...



Bee said...

Anonymous: If you want to read about my research, you can find it on the arXiv. This blog is not, and has never been, a documentation of my own work. It's my hobby and for that reason it reflects dominantly what I'm interested in besides my own research.

Plato said...

Hi Bee,

A lot of artists and writings come to dry spells in their work, and we all know how much more we can be motivated when there s a cause that holds deep meaning to oneself.

I think we are always in a state of flux as we move on from day to day and one's writing/art will meet those dry spells does not mean one has no longer anything left to say.

AS well, the European and other countries perspective about the world is just as important as an America bend on things, so I am sure there will be things you see there, that we will not see here, that we might all like to learn.

Congratulations as well on your new job.


Michael Nielsen said...

Hi Bee - Congratulations! That's really great to hear.

Bee said...

Hi Plato,

You are misunderstanding. It's not that wouldn't know what to write about, I am just wondering whether it is worth the time. Though noteworthy exceptions do certainly exist, in the vast majority of cases the feedback on blogs (generally, not this one specifically) is not constructive and even if, memory lasts about three days, and I inevitably end up repeating the same thing over and over again which is utterly frustrating. It's like running on a treadmill, you're not getting anywhere with it. The introductions into physics topics I have written are in the sidebar and I honestly don't know why I should repeat them every couple of months, but if I can trust the sitetracker, hardly anybody reads ever anything from the archives, unless possibly by mistake (and yes, occasionally, there is a person browsing the archives). But seriously, how many popular level introductions to the cosmological constant, the double slit experiment, or dark matter does the world really need?

That is to say not that I don't think blogs are useful, their use is just very restricted, and I am not sure that use is what I need. Blogs are useful for example to have a general level discussion on some topics and to collect a couple of opinions. Once you've done that however, the same people tend to repeat their opinions and there's no moving forwards. That is certainly symptomatic for our wider society, but honestly not how I am used to discussions in my worklife. There I usually see a clear progress in the sense that we've discussed this and that, came to a conclusion, and can now build the next argument on it. Etc. That's what I find missing in the blogosphere. Take for an example how often we and hundreds of other people have discussed the issue of anonymity and pseudoanonymity. Lots of words, lots of intelligent things have been said. And two months later exactly the same discussion will be held on another blog.

The other thing that blogs are good for however is maintaining a circle of friends, and that is presently the main reason why I keep on writing. For through the years I've come to like you and many of our frequent visitors and I would certainly miss chatting with them, constructive or not. Best,


Phil Warnell said...

Hi Bee,

I can understand what you feel as you have expressed to Plato, yet never imagine for a moment that your insights, perspective and candor be anything but valued and valuable. Your future students will truly benefit as I and others know full well how impactful it can be.



Successful Researcher said...


Aditi said...

Hi Bee!
I do hope you can continue blogging. But in case you don't, just wanted to let you know that you will be missed! I have been a passive reader of your blog for about three years now.
Best wishes,

Anonymous Snowboarder said...

Bee - belated congrats on your new home away from home! I'm glad to see you are keeping snow in your life ;)

Amara said...

Oh my.. I'm so out of reading blogs these days.. and apologies for my lateness in seeing this. I'm so happy for this news! A big congratulations and hug.. your hard work paid off!

(grinning ear-to-ear)


Shantanu said...

Congratulations. BTW since you will soon join NORIDA, do you know if the 1975 Physics nobel prize winners (Bohr and Mottelson) still
at NORDITA(In copenhagen)?