Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UPS Quantum View

UPS helps you track your packages: always interact with your information via Quantum View! If necessary, you can notify your customers of critical package status, just by email. It's as easy as this.

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  1. You can out where it is, or where it is going, but not both simultaneously.

  2. ... if you send two packages in opposite directions and the first one gets squashed in handling, the second also collapses immediately.

    ... if you send a cat by UPS you won't know whether it is alive or dead until it gets unwrapped.

    ... if you have a narrow slit-shaped letterbox then the package will diffract through it.


  3. I will treat the "whole Universe" and "all of string theory" as synonyma because I am not aware of any controllable framework that would allow me to separate them sharply.
    initial conditions.
    Bee |Homepage|07.20.06-12:04 pm| #

    Are you gonna waste fingertips on keyboard trying to unravel Motl's arguments further, or build on the logic behind your preferences and experiments/theory in Physics?

  4. Hi Quasar,

    I thought the point is clear. If you have an evolution law, you still need initial conditions to describe the universe that we live in. That's a non-trivial point, essentially it goes back to the question how many - and which - parameters the theory minimally can have. E.g. do you think that string theory (should it be the TOE and actually be useful at some point) could ever predict the total amount of energy in the universe or the star formations that we see from earth?

    Been thinking about that lately a lot. Should write a piece about it. Best,


  5. This is not the same as saying the whole universe could be string theory + appropriate initial conditions for this theory, as the initial conditions are not part of the theory itself.

    Best, B.
    Bee|Homepage|07.20.06-2:56 pm|#

    Well he had to restate or fine tune the comment. It is not nit picking, it is being accurate. You two make a great debate challenge.

    I look forward to your piece!
    All the best Q

  6. In answer to your question nothing can be the answer to everything, so ST cannot be TOE as The Motl likes to claim. It may give mathematical answers to the mathematical universe, but it cannot be the whole universe, nor the whole answer to the Universe.

    However his post today made a rather good and interesting read, more so than some of his other rants

  7. Hi Quasar,

    indeed, I also thought Lubos post today was quiet interesting - otherwise I probably wouldn't have read it. Anyway, concerning the sentece I commented on, I think Lubos was just sloppy with the formulation, or maybe careless.

    so ST cannot be TOE as The Motl likes to claim

    That depends on what you mean with a TOE. Let me first state that I don't think ST is a TOE in any sense, but in Lubos reference frame, it could if you mean the TOE gives you the SM+QG, preferably uniquely and non-anthropic. Whether or not that should also include parameters of LambdaCDM, is a tricky issue. But one way or the other it wouldn't be sufficient to explain all the maximal available information about the microscopic details of our universe. Thus, my remark (I was rather tired, so it might have been a bit cryptic).

    Anyway, imo the crucial point ST is missing is the importance of the quantization procedure. A point of view that Lubos probably does not share, neither would many other.



  8. Hilarious! I went through the whole links: Sell goods in transit !

    Maybe someone should inform UPS about "Quantum_Ranging" ?

    Sending any goods from A to B has to be interaction free, sending goods via A is no guarantee of the goods existence, at B .

    UPS takes no responsibility of goods if they do not arrive at B, if they have been in any way located in transit. :)

  9. You can get mail from QuantumView ;-)

    From: "QuantumView" <>
    To: scherer@th.physik...
    Subject: UPS Delivery Notification, Tracking Number 1Z...
    Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 13:57:06 -0400 (EDT)

    ***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and MAIL BOXES ETC. will not receive your reply.

    At the request of MAIL BOXES ETC., this notice is to confirm that the following shipment has been delivered.
    Important Delivery Information

    Delivery Date / Time: 25-July-2006 / 12:32 PM
    Delivery Location: OFFICE
    Signed by: HOSSENFELDER
    Shipment Detail

    Maybe the envelope has taken all possible paths, but finally, it has arrived ;-)

  10. Stefan, acccording to the data, you get confirmation of delivery "before" sending letter !

    Accordingly, letter tracked at:
    13:57:06 (in transit)
    arrived and signed :

    Allowing for the grandmother paradox, I conclude the letter was signed not by "Sabine" but by a Relative ? ;)

    Sending packages or "bundles" of information via all probable paths, constitutes to a leap of Quantum Faith ?

    One such leap of QF is that communication is "moment_dependant", one instant in one Time, does not correspond to another "instant" in another Time, unless the communication product,unless is Electron based !

  11. Should have stated that the Quantum "initial condition", overlaps evolution process !

    IE the "normal" state of events are intertwined in our Relative Universe, thus, PAST_PRESENT_FUTURE do not follow from observations ?

    Electrons, as Feynman stated can never be detected in any "present" moments?

    From this viewpoint, QF is needed to explain Electrons initial State, is it a Forward or Reversed state?

    Just what is a "Past-Future" or "Future-Past" vector?

  12. Can you direct me to a social studies blog about UPS?

    I've found their software refuses to integrate!

    Thank you,
    Murphy's Lawyer


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