Thursday, July 06, 2006


(Hi Thomas, I hope this answers the question why I was googling women's underwear during the parallel session... You see, it was for purely scientific reasons.)


Dick said...

I takes a woman physicist to show what every male physics student (except apparently Dirac) has thought but would never dare to express.

Bee said...

indeed, sometimes it's an advantage to be a women :-)

though I have only experienced this kind of extreme political correctness on this side of the Atlantic ocean. e.g. back in Frankfurt we had fun using BH as an abbreviation for black holes. 'BH' is the common German word for 'bra'. I doubt any of my colleagues over here would dare to make jokes like this. Best, B

Chris said...


QUASAR9 said...

lol! Blackholes are called Bras in germany. So what do they call what's inside a Black Hole?

And what do they call Tom Cats in Germany

Uncle Al said...

Is the Turing Problem really a B├╝sten-halter?

Thomas D said...

Fine, it was surely physics, though I would not blame you with the wedding so close along the time dimension.

It may have been a better use of time than listening to the talk, though I will not say explicitly why.

Some day, you too are going to stand up at a physics conference to give a talk and find that more than half the audience are typing on their laptops. Then you can use your new kilowatt laser pointer to get their attention individually... isn't technology wonderful.

Bee said...

Hi Thomas :-)

I recently read a very amusing article in Newsweek about this phenomenon, it's called the continuous attention syndrome. The article is about a former Apple and Microsoft executive named Linda Stone who tried to give a talk about the syndrome on a conference:

During the presentations the faces of at least half the crowd were lit with the spooky reflection of the laptops open before them. Those without computers would periodically bow their heads to the palmtop shrine of the BlackBerry.

Anyway, there are still people whose talks are definitely worth listening too. Otherwise we could just cancel all conferences, and collect our slides on a website.

I actually prefer people typing on their laptops over falling asleep. The snoring can be rather disturbing.

Best, B.

PS: I hope you don't mind the comment in the post, I can delete it if you want. I know I can't compete with British humor.

Bee said...

So what do they call what's inside a Black Hole?


Ever heard about cosmic censorship?

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Bee,

one thing is the event horizon singularity - we cannot see beyond it

another thing is the blackhole singularity.

The same word for 2 different things. The event horizon is NOT a blackhole.

But thanks for the 'naked' link

Jennifer said...

On an only sort of related note:

All the guys I went through undergrad with took to calling each other "bro", (which after a while of use started to sound like "bra"). Being the female in the class calling me "bro" wasn't quite appropriate so I became known as "ket" for the rest of the year.