Friday, November 06, 2015

New music video


I know you can hardly contain the excitement about my new lipstick and the badly illuminated blue screen, so please enjoy my newest release, exclusively for you, dear reader.

I actually wrote this song last year, but then I mixed myself into a mush. In the hope that I've learned some things since, I revisited this project and gave it a second try. Thought I'm still not quite happy with it (I never seem to get the vocals right), I strongly believe there's a merit to finishing up things. Also, if I have to hear this thing once again my head will implode (though at least that would set an end to the concussion symptoms and neck pain I caused myself with the hair shaking). Lesson learned: hitting your forehead against a wall isn't really pleasant. If you feel like engaging in it, you should at the very least videotape it, because that justifies just about anything stupid.


  1. Finally a post that I hope Lubos Motl will approve of! ;-)

  2. Presumably better than fucking without your brain. :-)

  3. Perhaps a different methodological approach would have the merit of being more profitable!

  4. "Presumably better than fucking without your brain. :-)"

    In which case you would be a dumb hole.

    Sorry, but with a setup like this, as an incorrigible punster [temporarily wonders why The Punster was never a Batman villain] I couldn't refuse.

  5. Note Bee's ungerade footware. Next stop: rescuing The Big Bang Theory with a cameo.
    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
    Parameterize with a skull and crossbones.
    A geometric Eötvös experiment renders that empirical.

    In all things, viam sapientia mundi, per quam pervenitur.

  6. Dou you need some help? The woman behind the serious researcher?

  7. Very good musically. Ooh, a bit sweary, though!

  8. No hay duda, lo tuyo es la física

  9. Nice! Did you put more stress on every closing symmetry unit of the self-similar eight bar forms, because you knew how to do it, or because you felt it?


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