Monday, November 16, 2015

I am hiring: Postdoc in AdS/CFT applications to condensed matter

I am hiring a postdoc for a 3-year position based at Nordita in Stockholm. The research is project-bound, funded by a grant from the Swedish Research Council. I am looking for someone with a background in AdS/CFT applications to condensed matter and/or analogue gravity. If you want to know what the project is about, have a look at these recent papers. It’s a good contract with full benefits. Please submit your application documents (CV, research interests, at least two letters) here. Further questions should be addressed to hossi[at]


  1. Bee wonderful! (Travel expenses to a contingent December Swedish dinner are then minimal.)

  2. Let me repeat a comment I made a few months ago.

    Analog models don't have any holagraphic entropic bound, or even any entropic bound, for that matter. I think to get AdS/CFT, you'd need at least to have a holographic entropy bound.

    I think the holographic entropic bound shows up via the Ryu-Takayanagi formula.

    Analog models have ordinary quantum field theory as a substrate, and so, they can't have any entropic bounds, at least within their effective field theory range of validity.

  3. CF:

    Thank you, I read and understood your comment the first time. As I told you already then, I don't know how the entropy of the analog system relates to the entropy of the boundary theory. I don't know why you assume they are identical.

  4. How will this work? You are the boss of the project and will require the successful applicant to work only on the specified topic for three years? Will you be in Stockholm for the whole period?

  5. Maurice: If you want to apply, please send me inquiries by email.


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