Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Book Giveaway “How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog”

I received a 2nd free copy of Chad Orzel's delightful book "How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog" (which I reviewed here). I really don't have much use for the second copy, so I am giving it away for free! The book will go to the first reader who lets me know in the comments to this post they are interested. (Please do not send me an email.) There is only one condition: You need to have a postal address either in Sweden or in Germany because I'm not in the mood to pay more than the book is worth on the postal fee.

Update: The book is gone.


Anna said...

I'm interested but disqualified. Willing to pay the postal fee to the Netherlands, though.

chrka said...

Hi! I'm interested and I live in Sweden!

Bee said...

Hi Chrka,

Please send an email to hossi at nordita dot org with your postal address, and the book will go in the mail the next days. Best,


Bee said...

Hi Anna,

Wow, that was fast. I'm sorry, but it wouldn't be very fair to change the procedure now. Best,


Renate Weineck said...

Why don't you think of your mother!

Bee said...

I'm thinking you know somebody who could explain relativity to you... Or you can borrow my copy of the book of course.