Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Please leave nothing to my imagination

I've been sick the last few days, thus my silence. Stefan has lovingly fed me with chicken soup and porridge, so I now feel like a bag of oatmeal and am starting to cluck.


Giotis said...

The aftermath of Christmas' feasts excesses maybe?:-)
Anyway have a fast recovery.

Arun said...

Try honey and lemon in hot water - then you'll feel like a Bee again!

Hope you feel better soon!

organiker@lycos.com said...

Drink your orange juice. Vitamin C fuels white blood cells that destroy pathogens. If you are prone to kidney stones, don't gulp ascorbic acid tablets 500 mg the whack (and lots of water with it, always).

Sweden certainly is creative in killing people! Are there special garbage containers by law with lips to catch on elevator threshholds? Here in North America, plastic containers specifically target Mexican children,


As with all government programs, it doesn't work.

Phil Warnell said...

Hi Bee,

Porridge and chicken soup, I certainly hope Stefan was serving them à la carte :-) If not I can’t imagine you echoing those words of Oliver . :-) Seriously though I hope by now your recovery is complete or at the very least you are well enough for your nurse to consider expanding the menu options. So now you know why the “worse” was included in the section of your vows that read “for better or worse, in sickness or in health ”. That is when in sickness your partner is to provide the worse to better your health:-)



Thomas Larsson said...
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Thomas Larsson said...


Bee said...

Ha! I had been thinking this sign probably made it onto a blog before, thanks for the link :-)

Georg said...

First it seems that Swedes use those
big waste bins upstairs?
And second: "Hissars" without a
inner door moving with the cabin are rather
uncommon here since at least 20 years.
The famous "Paternoster" Hissar
at WDR in Köln (described by Böll
in Dr. Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen)
was rescued by an exempt as a
historic landmark :=)

Steven Colyer said...

Get well soon, Bee. I see you're following Peter Woit's reviews and the discussion at Not Even Wrong of two new books: How to Teach Physics [Quantum Mechanics] To Your Dog, by Chad Orzel, and the Time book by Cosmologist Sean Carroll. Interesting stuff in the reply section, which focuses on Sean's (mainly) Philosophical tome. I enjoyed seeing Lee Smolin weigh in.

When is Lee's own book about Time coming out?

I find it frustrating that two of the oldest things we know of in Physics: Time, and Gravity, are also the two things of which we seem to be the most ignorant. So simple, yet ... so vexing. So simple, yet ... so many people coming up with the most (possibly) over-complicated ways of explaining them.

I bet the real answers, whatever those are and whenever we find them out, will be simpler and thereby: beautiful.

Finally, Sweden needs better elevator designers. Good to see that's changing.

Kay zum Felde said...

Hi Bee,

my best wishes, that you become healthy again soon. I have had flu of the stomach the past days and it turns out that it resists to go away. Today I feel somehow better. I drink tea and eat 'Zwieback'or 'Knäckebrot'.

Best Kay

ErkDemon said...

So THAT's how those heads keep ending up in the bins!
Another mystery solved!

Plato said...

Ah! I see too.....as to leaving no doubt as to the distance of the bin with the size of the body in relation too, correlating to the width of the space, could actually have a lip to which the bin was caught, would not have taken into consideration that a door exists that cannot be closed until a within that space.


No flue shots?


Bee said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your kind wishes :-) I'm reasonably sure it was some virus rather than a food poisoning, so now we're hoping Stefan doesn't also get it.

Georg: I guess the elevator is from the early 70s which seems to be roughly when the building was built. Best,