Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This and That

  • Next Wednesday, July 29th, the The MaRS Centre, in Toronto will be hosting an event about Science 2.0 "What Every Scientist Needs to Know About How the Web is Changing the Way They Work," More information here. [Via Jen]

  • The Anacapa Society, dedicated to providing networking opportunities for theoretical physicist based at primarily undergraduate institutions, has found a permanent residence at Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA. They will also be holding a first workshop for theoretical and computational physicists this summer, August 17-20. [via Arjendu]

  • This weekend, scientists from the Helmholtz research centre DESY, in Hamburg, Germany, generated the first X-ray light for research at the new synchrotron radiation source PETRA III. This means that the most brilliant storage ring X-ray source in the world is now available for experiment operation. Full press release here. [Thanks to Stefan]

  • Elsevier is redefining the scientific article. [via James Dacey]


  1. Hi Bee,

    It appears with PETRA III the experimentalists are getting one more tool with which to drive the theorists totally crazy with its findings :-)



  2. One suspects Elsevier peaked with Discorsi e Dimostrazioni Matematiche Intorno a Due Nuove Scienze (Appresso gli Elsevirii, Leida: 1638).

    A publication presents Referee-passed new information. All else is decoration. Clicking a footnote then viewing that text (or at least its arxiv) would be wonderful! That will not happen given jealously guarded publisher monopolies of knowledge.

  3. Hi Phil,

    we're already crazy anyway...



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