Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Other Side

New painting

For a 360° view, try this (requires Quicktime). For more paintings, see my homepage.


Phil Warnell said...

Hi Bee,

Since discovering this blog I have always appreciated your artistic side as much if not more as you scientific one. Not to form a comparison, yet Einstein was also so inclined with music in his playing violin. There is a story about him I’ve read about when as a teenager hearing some lady in an apartment nearby playing the piano grabbed his violin and rushed to her side without announcement to accompany her. Like him I find your emotional side as expressed in your art and within this blog also in parallel. Although I would not dare to place you over him in science, yet in as far as I’m aware he only played the works of others, while you with art create your own. I thank you for being so open that we may be brought to understand who you might ‘Bee’ to such an extent. (no pun intended)

"there is more to one then the perimeter"




P.S. You will also note that with the first eraser of my comment there are qualities that I have (which many recognize) which are also in my case unfortunately innate:-)

Uncle Al said...

It is Golden Ratio'd?

Odysseus said...

Looks more like something close to 4/5.

Beautiful, though. I find it amazing that you still find the time to do this in addition to your job, your social life and all this blogging.

BTW: Could you comment on the CDF ghost muons? Apparently this topic is setting up half of the physics blagosphere, what does a thoerist think about this?

Bee said...

Hi Odysseus,

Indeed, it is 4/5 (24 x 30 ''). I have nothing to add on the CDF muons that hasn't been said already. The theorist in this case will wait some months and see if the topic is still worth mentioning then. That's why I have time to do other things ;-)


Arun said...

This one is outside my comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Hello bee,
have you thought coming back to Deutchland?


Bee said...

I have.

Arun said...

The Other Side of the Atlantic?

Bee said...

Dear Arun,

Sorry, I thought the movie explains it. It's the other side of PI's building. The researcher's offices are on this side; I'm sitting in one of the glass boxes. Staff and graduate students (and seminar rooms) are on the other side. Best,


Arun said...

Dear Bee,
Sorry, I couldn't view the movie - my PC has limitations. But it makes a lot of sense now :) :)