Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations, Obama!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
“My heartfelt congratulations on your historic victory in the presidential elections.

At the beginning of your administration, the world faces momentous challenges. I am convinced that, with closer and more trusting cooperation between the US and Europe, we can resolutely confront the novel challenges and dangers facing us [...] You can be sure that my government is fully aware of how important the trans-Atlantic partnership is for our futures.

It is my pleasure to invite you to visit Germany in the near future.”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
“With the world in turmoil and doubt, the American people, faithful to the values that have always defined America's identity, have expressed with force their faith in progress and the future. At a time when we must face huge challenges together, your election has raised enormous hope in France, in Europe and beyond.”

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso
“We need to change the current crisis into a new opportunity. We need a new deal for a new world. I sincerely hope that with the leadership of President Obama, the United States of America will join forces with Europe to drive this new deal - for the benefit of our societies, for the benefit of the world.”

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
“It has been an important election. I think the most important thing that follows from it is that America and Europe will have to work together to deal with the international problems we face, not just the financial crisis, but also stopping protectionism, making sure we work for stability and particularly peace in the Middle East.”

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende
“The necessity for cooperation between Europe and the United States is bigger than ever. Only by close trans-Atlantic cooperation can we face the world's challenges.”

Chinese President Hu Jintao
“The Chinese Government and I myself have always attached great importance to China-US relations. In the new historic era, I look forward to working together with you to continuously strengthen dialogue and exchanges between our two countries.”

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
“Your extraordinary journey to the White House will inspire people not only in your country but also around the world.”

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai
“I applaud the American people for their great decision and I hope that this new administration in the United States of America, and the fact of the massive show of concern for hhuman beings and lack of interest in race and color while
electing the president, will go a long way in bringing the same values to the
rest of the world sooner or later.”

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
“Senator Obama's message of hope is not just for America's future, it is also a message of hope for the world as well. A world which is now in many respects
fearful for its future.”

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso
“The Japan-US alliance is key to Japanese diplomacy and it is the foundation for peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. With President-elect Obama, I will strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance further and work towards resolving
global issues such as the world economy, terror and the environment.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni
“Israel expects the close strategic cooperation with the new administration, president and Congress will continue along with the continued strengthening of the special and unshakeable special relationship between the two countries.”

Former PI postdoc representative Sabine Hossenfelder
“Please don't switch off your brain the moment you move into the White House.”


  1. As a citizen of the US, and as a resident of Pennsylvania, I was thrilled and proud to cast my vote for Senator Barack Obama yesterday.

    Science had a victory yesterday.

  2. Hi Bee and Stephan,

    Compare the 1860 elctoral map with that of 2008.

    It is practically reversed.

    Obama is not only the leagacy of ML King, but also of A Lincoln.

  3. “Please don't switch off your brain the moment you move into the White House.”

    It's a good advice not only to White House hosts, but to new comers to every "high place", of science including. And I am not sure that the White House is the most dangerous here. Some particularly advanced science institutes can easily compete... So it's a kind of "self-referential" advice: the same to you, to everybody, always...

    As to this US election, its quite different aspects suddenly occur to me (especially looking at that chorus of EU congratulations). It shows once again and very clearly that, despite anything, USA is ever more the (real, informal) centre of the world, while our old good Europe is more than ever its passive, stagnating, almost under-developed province only waiting for a "new impulse" from overseas and sending its best people to contribute to the real world development there... Europeans are Kenyans, they too...

  4. It's time for a similar change in high energy theoretical physics.
    Send the string generation to retirement homes...

  5. I'm curious, where did the former PI postdoc representative is heading ? (or at least where did she apply ?)

  6. I haven't felt like an American for a long time. Maybe I am.

  7. Congratulations to Americans. I feel that they did the right thing.

    I listened to Obama's presidency acceptance speech. Jesus! What a charismatic leader, he can really inspire people. Time will tell though if he can bring true change in US and in the world. Anyway after 8 long, depressing years of Bush's presidency the fresh air and the hope Obama brings, is just what the US and the world needs. I don't how much of it is true and in what extend the US policy is determined by the will of one man (even if this man is the president) but let's hope that indeed he is the man he appears to be and he would be able to fulfill at least some of his goals.

  8. "“Please don't switch off your brain the moment you move into the White House.” I voted for Obama, but those are exactly my sentiments as well!

    However, I listened to his victory acceptance speech and the man definitely has something that was sorely lacking the past several years in a US president: I think the appropriate word is 'gravitas'. We'll see...

  9. Just that I don't think great speeches is what the world currently needs.

  10. Dear Bee,
    You forgot perhaps that Barack Obama was and is a community organizer. His campaign is evidence of it.

    Mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker put it nicely (sorry, can't find youtube or transcript). We have not put Obama into office to now lapse into spectators.


  11. Hi Bee,

    Now how could you have missed this one on your list:

    Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper said: "I look forward to meeting with the President-elect so that we can continue to strengthen the special bond that exists between Canada and the United States."

    It could have also read I guess, Stephen Harper (Governor of the 51st State) :-)

    Actually I wish him well as I can’t remember in my life time a newly elected president of the U.S. inheriting such a mess. After looking at the demographics and geography in relation to this election's vote it’s hard to ignore the clear divide and sharp lines it has again so poignantly and sadly exposed.



  12. Hi Phil,

    Well, I was counting on you ;-)



  13. Hi Bee,

    Just so that he is welcomed in properly I thought I would offer this..
    I also find it interesting to speculate as to how long it will take for President Obama to get sick of hearing this wherever he goes:-) I



  14. Hi Bee,

    Between "Hail to the Chief" and "The Star Spangled Banner" I suppose that's all we need. Oh yes there is one more thing we must add in "America The Beautiful" and hire a fat lady to sing them all:-)



  15. Now comes the time to see the metal of those better angels.

    Best wishes too, the country, as a beacon of light.


  16. Hey Phil,

    You've elevated the bloggery format here by including "sound" in the linkages. Very good addition to this 2d dimensional format. The internet, has a wider exposure capability knowing full well we are only looking at the screen.

    Why should we deny those rural townships from participating in the "colour of gravity" in relation to sound? :)

    While we are inspired by words, we can be inspired at a deeper level by the resonances created throughout society, on ideals too?


  17. Obama is more than just speeches. His speeches are actually not in sync with his personality.

  18. Hi Plato,

    “You've elevated the bloggery format here by including "sound" in the linkages. Very good addition to this 2d dimensional format.”

    You call this a two dimensional format and yet the shared message conveyed was contained within a sequence of code which in fact occupies no space as is commonly understood, yet is simply a potential that must be actualized to become real. Let’s hope that Obama can take his own entities of this nature to have them manifest to become the same. What should we call this then, perhaps a non trivial emergence? (absolutely no pun intended)



  19. It was nice to see that all the responses from European heads of state refer to US-EUROPE cooperation as a whole, and don't even mention their individual countries.

    The borders are thinning already :D

  20. Andrew Sullivan, a conservative, from February, 2008:

    What people fail to understand is that in politics, words are also substance. The ability to inspire people is not inherently a dangerous phenomenon. It is sometimes critical to effective governance. Conservatives used to understand this. Perhaps Churchill's greatest actual weapon was the English language. It did things no bureaucrat, soldier, armament, or policy could do. The core of Ronald Reagan's success was his rhetorical ability to reach over the heads of the Washington process to the people who can force Washington to change: the American people. And I don't recall conservatives decrying the rhetoric of hope reacting to George W. Bush's inspired speeches after 9/11.

    Look: flim-flam and emotional hysteria are dangerous things. There are moments when Obama's rhetoric gets the better of his common sense. But the record shows that he also does have common sense - more common sense than Charles Krauthammer or me when it came to predicting the practical consequences of an Iraq occupation. And if a potential president has a head on his shoulders and is able to inspire millions, what on earth is wrong with that?


  21. “Potential has no meaning unless realized. You have had many recognize their own as it relates to the collected and it is my wish they will in turn act in accordance, for if not they will fail to have it come to be enjoyed.”

    -One Bee Leaving Commenter :-)

  22. YES WE DID!

    In my area of VA, Democrats celebrated in the Hampton Holiday Inn. Cautiously optimistic as the electoral votes started rolling in, we really got a lift and reinforced hope when Pennsylvania went to Obama. Not a big surprise, but it meant that McCain had a tough fight. Then around 23:00 Virginia was called for Obama and the crowd went wild, and almost as if on cue for followup: Obama projected as US President 2008! What joy, relief, and (for the mostly black crowd) pride. I exchanged many a high-five and even some fist bumps and hip style handshakes.

    Obama’s proud but conciliatory speech was very stirring, it said just what needed saying. Congratulations, baby! John McCain gets credit for a gracious concession speech and for supplying a colorful character into the public eye (now safe to chuckle over.)

    For those of us who worked to canvass and register voters, it was especially poignant and rewarding to have won Virginia. I didn’t do as much as I could have. Still, it helped and that made me feel a part of history not just for the USA and the world, but my state as well. The young “kids” who had been organizing for Obama around here were happy but dazed, as if they couldn’t believe it. We had record voter turnout, high sixties for USA and VA I take it.

    And now, it is still “Yes we can” to solve America’s problems and pitch in for the world as well. We all have to pitch in.

  23. Hi Phil,

    Yes, "actualize" to be real.

    What should we call this then, perhaps a non trivial emergence? (absolutely no pun intended)

    Humans are like leaves?:)

    The capabilities of the internet world of no boundary would have you believe that in principal there should be no corner of this globe that should be denied the inspiration.

    While inspiration rests on a emotive level, why should you deny the capability of a system based on using the Ising model by example, can actually be "better created in the use of speed in the spectrum use of ole technologies" that better reflects the emotive value of our conversations, or is it, that you "perceive more then is actualized" on the basis of this 2d screen and no longer require this distinction?:)


  24. Anyway, the keyest point is that the Editors of Nature endorsed Obama.

  25. Barack Obama's cief of staff is Congressman rham Emanuel. Rahm Emanuel has Israel citizenship. His father was a member of the terrorist organization Irgun that was responsible for the murder of several thousand Palestinian civilians back in the late forties. Recently, Emanuel's father was quoted in a newspaer saying that of course Isreali intersts will be a force in thre Barack Obama administration.

    Brack Obama's presidential campaign was race- based to the core. He appealed explicity to the racial interests of Blacks,Hispanics and Asians.

    He will attempt to increase legal immigration levels and push amnesty for eleven to twenty million illegal aliens-mostly hispanic-living withn the United States. His intetnion,without doubt is to reduce the Euro-Amercan population to a very size.Most if not all of the oppostion to US post-1965 immigration policy comes from the Euro-American population. This opposition will very likely grow with each passing year.

    I personally consider Barack Obama's chief of staff a pro-Isareli traitor.

    A majority of Euro-Americans did not vote for Barack Obama. Of those who voted,52 percent voted for McCain. Of those who voted for Barack OBama, a certaiin percentage voted for Barck OBama because of the economic meltdown. Then there is the large population of Euro-Americans who didn't bother to vote. Add these numbers up and it is very clear that Euro-American support for Barack Obama is quite small.

    The fanatical White Liberal supporters-the majority of whom live in the safety and comfort of lilly white enclaves-are like the North Korean worshiipers of the Dear Leader.

    Barack Obama is their Dear Leader.

    Anyone who claims that Barack Obama is antiwar is a fraud. Barack Obama is a fraud on the antiwar issue. Just check out his voting record in the Senate and the people Baack has already surrounded around himself such as Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden the butcher of Serbians.

    The White Liberal supporters of Barack Obama are fraudulent along quite a few dimensions.

    Someone's gotta do the "dirty work" of telling the truth about the phony Barack Obama.

    Joshua Cahmberlain

  26. I would like to know what the guilt ridden Liberal supporters of Barck think about Barack Obma's support of exporting American jobs overseas and his enthusiasm for the H-1 B and L-1 visa programs. What about the millions he has recieved from Wall Street during his lust for , I mean run for power?

    My prediction is that the White Liberal supporters of Barck Obama will provide the cover for what will be business as usual in US foriegn policy. They will allow him to get away things that Bush could only fantasize about.

    If I was Russian, I would be very worried abotut Barack Obama. During the prophet Obama's reign, the nuclear missles will remain in Poland aimed at Mother Russia.

    The last time America engaged in this kind of euphoric worship of a newly elected president was back in 1961. One year after the idlolized JFK was elected nuclear missles were placed in Turkey pointed into the heart of Russia. The Russians responded by placing nuclear missles in Cuba. We now know that the Human species was 60 seconds from extinction. Keep the Obama worshpping. You may very well live to regret it.

    The election of Barack Obama will be seen by traitorous European elites as a vindication of their ongoing policy of aiding and abetting the muslim conquest of Europe.

    If Barack Obama is the prince of peace, why has he chosen a man for Chief of Staff- with Israeli citizenship- who played a major role getting the US congress to attack Iraq?

    Probablity of well known antiwar activist Ralph Nader being made Secretary of State by Barack Obama:0

    I just want to say that it is really disgusting to see the guilt ridden-I am a White male who suffers from 0 white guilt -White Liberals worshipping-and worshipping you are- a man who is basically a power lusting bull shitting phony.

    Joshua Chamberlain

  27. Bee

    A few thoughts about Barack Obama's brain. As editor of the Harvard Law review, he published 0 articles. As a professor of law at the University of Chicago he published 0 papers. He very likley got into Harvard Law school through an afirmative action program.

    Michelle Obama got into both Princeton University and Harvard Law school through an affirmative action program. Michelle Obama's Princeton undergraduate thesis
    -Sociology(this is what we call a bullshit degree in America)- is available on the internet. It is atrocious.

    Joshua Chamberlain

  28. Here is what Ralph Nader had to say about Barack Obama on Fox News a few nights ago:"Barack Obama has a choice:he can either be the Uncle Sam of America or the Uncle Tom of the corporations". Honest and patriotic Americans know the answer to this question.

    Will Barack Obama, the"antiwar candidate" appoint the real anti-war candidate Ralph Nader as Secretary of State or will he appoiny the young mulatto war futre war criminal Susan Rice as Secretary of State? We all know the answer don't we. Maybe he will appoint a bona fide war criminal from the Clinton administration such as the beast Madeline Albright.

    Joshua Chamberlain

  29. Hi Joshua,

    “Someone's gotta do the "dirty work" of telling the truth about the phony Barack Obama.”

    That’s good to hear. I do hope however they are somewhat better at expressing the truth then you are at innuendo.



  30. I agree with you Phil.

    Plato made clear that merit and not heredity defined the gold man and that gold could be found in all parts of society.

    Knowing and understanding the evolution of the Inaugural speeches, Lincoln's was very telling about the merits of a "gold man" and the idea of those "better angels?"


  31. Phil

    And what innuendo might that be?

    Joshua Chamberlain

  32. Hi Joshua,

    “And what innuendo might that be?”

    I'm sorry and I then must apologize for since you never recognized it as being such therefore it must be simply a belief. Although it does present as being a strong one I must confess that other then this I cannot find reason how it could anything other.



  33. What is the differences between Barack Obama's White Liberal supporters-like the one at Cal Tech-and the Moonies?0. The difference between BO's suporters and the Scientologist?0. the BHO's supporters and people who believe in UFO's? 0.

    One of Barack Obama's top economic advisors is former Harvard University president Larry Summers who once used the cold calculating logic of Neo-classical economics to justify toxic dumping into underdeveloped nations(they already have short life spans so what is the big deal?)

    Joshua Chamberlain

  34. Hi Joshua,

    it's a pity that you seem to lack rudimentary cognitive capabilities. It's perhaps because you are deceased? I suggest you return to your grave.

    Best, Stefan

  35. Hi Joshua,

    All of what you say is completely irrelevant. Obama has his chance. Let's see how he does. You can judge on him after that. Best,


  36. Bee and Stephan

    Given what happen in your nation( I am of German ancestry myself. my fathers side came from Prussia. Both great great great-not sure how many - German grandparents come from both sides of the Oder river.) almost seven decades ago, I am suprised that you wouldn't recommend a higly critical attitude towards any politician.

    Multiculturalism and diversity are completely compatible with 1)a criminal foreign policy and 2)extreme economic inequality within a nation. It is a complete scam.

    Senator Barack Obama voted to allow 400 million dollars-my tax dollars- to be used to destabilize the Iranian goverment. This is a pre-emptive act of aggression against another nation.This is considered the most serious type of war crime by the Nuremberg Standard. This already makes Barack Obama a War Criminal.What do you think of that Stephan?

    Any how Bee, thanks for letting me post up to this point in time.

    Joshua Chamberlain

  37. Hi Joshua,

    “Multiculturalism and diversity are completely compatible with 1)a criminal foreign policy and 2)extreme economic inequality within a nation. It is a complete scam.”

    As I reside in a nation that has had multiculturalism as not just a concept yet rather a policy that dates back more then forty years, I take umbrage with that statement. Not to say it has proved to be perfect, yet rather far better then the other alternatives. The little failing it has experienced is resultant not as being wrong or being an unachievable goal, it’s just that all must be reminded it doesn’t mean multinationalism with which it’s often confused, even by some in my own country.



  38. Phil

    America is devolving into separate nations. And these new nations that are being created will be rce based. Everyone knows this is going on. Miami,Houston,large parts of California are Spanish speaking and foreign. There other raced based micro-states growing within the borders of America. There is a growing population of Euro-Americans who are not happy about this. Multiculturaliam and diversity is a complete failure in America. There is no economic nor ecological justification for an immigration policy that is causing a very rapid increase in the US population.

    Barack Obama and John McInsane both appealed explicitly to the racial interests of Hispanics,Blacks,Asians and Muslims.

    A very large population of Euro-Americans have no political representation in either the Democratic and Republican parties. There is now a political vacum. This political vacum will be filled.

    The multicultural/diversity experiment doesn't seem to be working all that well in Europe. If I was living in Europe, I could be thrown in jail for my comments in this thread. Bridgete Bardot has been heavily fined for speaking out against the muslim invasion of Europe. She may face jail time next time.

    The BNP grows in popularity in Britain with each passing year. The BNP is filling the political vacum in Britain.

    Joshua Chamberlain

  39. Hi Joshua,

    I recommend a highly critical attitude towards all and everything, and especially to comments on blogs. I don't think I ever said Obama is the Messiah elect, so everything he will do must be Good, amen. What I am saying instead is I could care less what you think Obama's intentions are, it is totally irrelevant, what matters is what he will do de facto. As far as I know the USA is not a monarchy, and we have good reason not to pay attention to the voices of the deceased when it comes to making political decisions. Best,


  40. Hi Joshua,

    I guess what I said regarding how one must draw the distinction between multiculturalism and multinationalism went straight over your head. This is something that must be fully understood by not only the new citizens yet as importantly by the ones that welcome them. I have found that wherever there is the kind of problem you believe to exist it can be traced back almost entirely to the omission of this.

    Education of course is the key and if it’s provided then in time the apprehension will fade. The point is that for every generation that experiences a new wave of immigration the same fears you hold as being true were also expressed by many and yet America did not suffer or vanish but each time grew and prospered. I must therefore tell you that from my perspective it is you and not those you have issue with that represent the past as to being wrong.



  41. Hi Joshua,

    Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that I like some others here is not prepared to canonize Obama now or in the future. What I hope that will happen is that the message he conveyed will be followed through on and more importantly others be inspired to do the same.

    Will this change “your” America, well of course? Will your rights, freedoms and potentials for success be diminished resultantly, off course not; that is unless yours are to be considered superior to others? To be truthful I to have much doubt, yet it in due to the recognition that many of your nation fervently resist progressive change, rather then to find reason why it be denied.



  42. Hi Bee,

    I am outraged that you left out of these prime minister reactions the one of our very own, Silvio Berlusconi:

    "He's good-looking, young, and tanned".

    Or maybe I should thank you for having glossed over that one.

    Prime minister Berlusconi is a shame for Italy, no less than W was a shame for the US. Berlusconi is not speaking on behalf of many italians who feel they are not represented by him. What a clown.


  43. Hi Tommaso,

    Yeah, I read about Berlusconi's remark.

    Even better was that he called those who criticised his comment "imbeciles without any sense of humour" and when an American reporter asked him why he wouldn't apologize replied: "Give me a break! You have just put yourself on that list of people (imbeciles) I mentioned yesterday!"

    In contrast to GWB, he is at least entertaining. Just has the wrong job.



  44. Hello! I'm making a survey on my blog under the title: "Only a dream"

    If you could make a question, a plea, a wish to Obama, what would you say?

    Please visit my blog and let all our voices be heard!

    Thank you. Polly.

  45. Dear President Obama, CONGRATULATIONS!

    I wish you all the best and lets hope you manage to unite all the good willing people all around the world together with you, for a better future we all deserve and we were all waiting for so long!

    I do personally have friends from different countries as Bulgaria, France, UK, Senegal, Cameroon, Canada, Australia, Swiss, Russia, Finland etc and I am sure they are delighted and as happy than most of the young people world wide!

    The time has come when my sweetest dreams for better future for all the people of our small and beautiful planet become a reality.

    Thank you Mr President for everything that you achieved in order to show us that everything is possible and a better life is accessible for every single person ever lived on Earth.

    Your humble supporter,
    Daniel, UK



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