Thursday, October 23, 2008


Pronunciation: \ˈwä-tərˈ-lü-nī-təs\

An obsessive-compulsive disorder (ICD-10 F42), characterized by recurrent and persistent thoughts of sunny beaches, hourlasting complaints about potholes, cynical remarks about location advantage, and the distressing urge to spend thousands of dollars on a flight to anywhere. This rare condition has been observed in some regions of Western Ontario during the winter months.


  1. Something is odd with blogger's comment feature today...

  2. Hi Bee,

    I thought quite an improvement and resourcefulness for people "like Phil" who need to edit their comments.:) No offence Phil.

    There are others way to do this.

    Using Firefox, their are attachments that highlight incorrect spelling as you move along in writing, so if they do not bring that feature back they had yesterday, consider this.

    Also just some comments in reference to Quiet thread you created.

    A blog records the progression of the individual as they develop and records their thoughts and ideas. Does develop progressively. Why index on the right?

    It is more then just "writing then" that you might pass off this interest of Bloggery work, whether one might like to admit it or not.

    Also, the blogs are now a potent force in the world( only 20% of the world population had access to the internet) but you know how the grapevine works? Plus when th other 80% come on board with universal Broadband you will find many more potentials existing to solving the problem with gravity?:)

    One might not think they are worth their salt to do anything while "real change" is being made. You are also doing same with Stefan.

    I was rebuffed with why I did nothing about the issues of the economy while offering the same insights to Phil and others, and I responded that once you recognize the "method of approach" and what was used and had been tested(prior experimental techniques), the future and what is currently happening can be adjusted too(what is the substance of that adjustment needed).

    I am most certainly open to correction here from a credential standpoint.

    One "does want" that scientific format, to future dealings as a tried and tested method, and issuance as a "progressive move" to new principles( social myth) in the future.

    While staunchly held in my opinion( only Physics) I would think one should not discount the "social science" as one moves forward to developing that Web Science?


  3. The more you go north the more people are affected by "Waterloonitis", so I'm not sure "Waterloonitis" is a good name for this terrible, deadly sickness.

  4. 87 F today in sunny Santa Cruz, where a big surfing contest has just started. I drove past the harbor, where the reconstructed "Nina" (of Columbus fame) is anchored, past the sunny beaches.

    I feel for you, though, as I had to endure two rainy years in Portland, Oregon. The overcast arrived around late September, only departed in late May.

    Meanwhile, California is very consistently temperate and sunny from around May to around November. We have 4 "dark and gloomy" months (shorter days, some rain), then 8 months of very pleasant weather. And on the coast, from San Diego through LA through Santa Barbara through the Bay Area and north, it's rarely very hot. Today, at 86 F, is just about as hot as it _ever_ gets.

    Just thought I'd boost your mood by giving you visions of sunny beaches and also by subtly influencing your job search.

    --Tim May

  5. I live in a place where it is always warm, 365 days a year. And I can tell you that that soon becomes far, far more intolerable than what you are complaining about. You get to wear nice warm clothes, you can walk around without perspiring, you get to enjoy a change of weather every few months....I can hardly begin to explain how demoralizing incessant warmth can be or how much I envy you. Please bear that in mind.

  6. i agree with you guys!

  7. Hi Bee,

    The only northern peoples that I’ve ever found to be immune are those from Alaska. In fact they almost all welcome the coming of winter and planning the ways they will get out to enjoy it. I’ve tried the escaping south for a few weeks approach, only to discover it to intensify my dread upon return and thus now wish I had the ability and opportunity like many species at this time of year to simply hibernate. Come to think of it I do have at least one of the capacities necessary as piling on weight beforehand seems to be no problem:-)



  8. Hello Bee,
    You grew up around 50th parallel, didn't You? "Waterloo" is about 43th.
    My recommendation for a cure:
    Rename Waterloo according to German tradition
    into "Belle Alliance".
    At least this makes it more difficult to
    coin a "itis" after it.

  9. I have nothing to complain in that respect.

    In the summer, the average maximum temperature is 29 °C and in the winter, the average minimum temperature is 10°C. The average annual temperature is 20 °C.

  10. Hi All,

    I actually didn't complain about the weather, why is everybody commenting on it? I'll save complaining about the weather for the coming months.

    Hi Tim,

    Yeah, I lived in southern California in another life (or so it seems).

    Hi Georg,

    Indeed, and if that hadn't been the case I wouldn't have moved here ;-)



  11. Dear Bee,
    Today is Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. Perhaps it is an antidote to the crepuscular gloom of Waterloonitis!

    Wishing you, Stefan and all your readers a Happy Diwali, and a prosperous and healthy year ahead!

    (How appropriate - the verification word for the comment is - lightfun)

  12. Dear Arun:

    Thanks, I too wish you a lot of lightfun in the coming year :-) Best,


  13. Hi Arun,

    thank you for the good wishes :-), and a happy time to you!

    A bit of sunlight would really be great this week - so far, only grey skies and rain.

    Cheers, Stefan


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