Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and this time I actually was aware a national holiday is coming before I stood in front of a "CLOSED" sign. I feel very integrated. It's a day to be grateful for having ten fingers to type, a warm laptop in my bed, a blog to publish and a readership to talk to. So thanks to everybody for being around, commenters and lurkers likewise (Yes, I'm talking about YOU!).

At an international workplace, national holidays can be very confusing. Oct 3rd for example is a national holiday in Germany. Oct 9th, so I learned, was a Jewish holiday. Yesterday was the Spanish National Day 'Día de la Hispanidad', today is also 'Rwagasore Day', a national holiday in Burundi, and tomorrow is President's Day in Zaire. Granted, there are no Zaireans at PI, but still this inspired me to look up some calenders to figure out what day one would indeed have to work if one did obey all religious and national holidays.

Not many. I went through the Earth Calendar, and here are the days that would not have been holidays in 2008: Jan 23, Feb 13, Nov 13, Dec 3rd. Happy holidays! I'm all for globalization ;-)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

  2. In India, there's a quirky remark on national Hindu holidays:

    "We have more religious festivals that there are days in a year."

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too ^_,^

    Turducken with Cajun sausage stuffing.

    It ships raw in a Dry Ice mailer. Remove the unopened plastic pouch, thaw in refrigerator for about 5 days. Remove plastic, bake in a giant turkey roaster pan with an inserted meat thermometer so you know when the center is done. Aluminum foil tenting to prevent burning after surface browning. Feeds about 20 given Thanskgiving side dishes.

  4. "here are the days that would not have been holidays in 2008: Jan 23, Feb 13, Nov 13, Dec 3rd"...

    Yeah, well, I for one would not work on Jan. 23 - it's MY bday!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  5. It's a day to be grateful for having ten fingers to type...

    You have other fingers for other purposes? :)

    Your mood shows "depressed", not "thankful". :) :)

  6. Hi Bee,

    “It's a day to be grateful”

    I’ve always preferred to look at my cup as being half full, rather then half empty, since it provides something to shoot for rather then regret. In this respect although I also have ten fingers to type with as of yet I’ve managed to learn to use only six. One could consider this untapped potential or wasted resource, so I choose the former:-)

    I’m also thankful for the existence of this blog as the subject matter it covers and the thoughts it provoke being of the type and nature that I’ve found nowhere else.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  7. I hope you are happy to be at PI on this Thanksgiving day.

    How's the new ED coming along? Is Neil a cool guy? Is he going to 'shake' things up? Perhaps a blog topic about this later?

  8. I'm certainly thankful of your coolness & open-architecture blog. Sign of intelligent life.

    I just uploaded a new video (R. Sundrum interview) from SUSY '06, see:

    It's interesting to compare his expectations of LHC (2 yrs ago), with a sampling of expectations listed at NEW/P. Woit. He made an interesting comment on new theories which explain "everything" (slam dunk).

    I recently saw L. Randall on a new episode on Science Channel ("Steven Hawking & the Theory of Everything", 2-part series), & she (like RS) come off as pretty well grounded (personally & physics-wise).

  9. Hi Changcho,

    Well, then they should definitely make Jan 23rd a national holiday ;-)

    Hi Arun,

    Even my mood can multitask.

    Hi Tkk,

    Yes, he is a cool guy. You might have noticed I hardly ever write about colleagues, coworkers or PI internal affairs. I'd feel very uneasy about it.

    Hi Chimpanzee,

    Thanks for the link.



  10. Just count birthdays as holidays and you're covered for the year. Or you can be a leisurist like me and any day is perfect for fucking off.


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