Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Let Me Entertain You

Spring finally arrived in Waterloo. Within a couple of days, the temperature rose by 15°C. The meters-high snow mountains in the yards and parking lots were slow with melting, and during the last days I could see the Canadians in T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops walking around the remaining snow piles. Meadows are little more than brownish mud, and there isn't yet a single leaf on the trees.

Some fun things I came across recently


  1. Middle Canada has five seasons: immolation, autumn, glaciation, mud, and spring. You are currently enjoying mud. It isn't spring until the mosquitoes swarm.

  2. bee - besides my sadness at seeing this beautiful snow getting dirty and melting I can report to you a sighting on our main 'hiway' of a road crew fixing potholes! I even stopped so they could fill one. But this was the cheapo repair - toss some blacktop into the hole, tap it down with the shovel and hope the cars press it down :( No steamroller, no handroller... how long could they possible last?

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  4. Speaking of entertainment...

    I just posted this on USENET so I might as well post it here too!

    * Video of a light bulb being murdered in a microwave.
    * Pictures of the aftermath.
    * Pictures of what a microwave can do to a beer bottle given time.

  5. Hi Bee,

    Thanks for the boost. I believe we could all use one right about now. I must have one of those phones as I believe I could have used all the functions this week along with a few more I might suggest. Like for instance a flashing red light and siren function when going no where in traffic or a tazor function when reason just isn’t enough and yes of course a cloning function when there is just too much to do:-)

    I truly did enjoy the photos you pointed to. A few I have catalogued so I might look at them again. One was that of the forest since it is one of those scenes you would like to be able to just walk into at times. Another was the one depicting a mother and child. For me it has the texture of a Renaissance painting with the impact of a surreal. It has me almost want to dust off the old 35mm again. Oh yes I need film, do you know if they still make the stuff? :-)

    Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.



  6. Hi Phil,

    Well, then I wish you a better day today :-)

    Hi Eric,

    This reminds me I should clean my microwave, the background is becoming substantial.

    Hi Snowboarder,

    Yes, indeed I've seen them filling up the potholes here in the same manner. It's a quick fix that at least solves the immediate problem but no clue whether there's any long term planning.



  7. Hockey is not a season, it is a periodic cultural validation requiring an octopus and a sixpack of insanely strong beer. Samuel Adams Utopias still beer, 51.2 proof, will do. Molson Carling Black Label Big 10 if you would drink silage and don't mind awakening disqualified for organ donation.

  8. I see there in the Photo Awards link a rail-thin, totally unclothed female who is quite obvously a specialist in string theory and who appears to fit the caption "let me entertain you" quite well.,1020,1143307,00.jpg

    A very beguiling photo.

    Bee, I should win something for noticing that!

    (I wonder if the photo would have the property of being a weakly or strongly emergent feature?)


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