Saturday, March 10, 2007

LaTex Test

If you haven't yet sufficient evidence that I'm completely stupid, here's how I spend my Saturday morning: getting upset about people who write how-tos without actually explaining anything. Okay, okay, I'm just a looser with add-ons and I never use Firefox because it just looks ugly. Anyway, here's a test.

Ahm... let's see... hmm.... and now click on the precious button... and...

VOILA!! I did it!! Folks, from this day on, my blog comes with equations :-)

I won't even try to explain how I did that because I for sure couldn't reproduce it. Let me put it like this, it's kind of important you see a monkey in the lower right corner of your eye, for more info go to: Greasemonkey and for one of the annoying how-tos see e.g. here. It won't work for the comments though, sorry, I guess we have kind of a hierarchy problem there.

Great. Now I need a coffee.

Weather report from Waterloo: cloudy and that stuff falling from the sky can't decide whether to be snow or rain. This means spring is coming.


  1. Does the comments section come with $L^AT_EX$ [tex]L^AT_EX[/tex] as well?

  2. Hi Navneeth,

    no. Unfortunately, the scripts for commenting are provided by blogger, and I have no influence on them whatsoever. The script for Greasemonkey doesnt operate on the site itself, but via the browser. This is why it works only for Firefox. It essentially adds an additional feature to blogger's post-editor through which the script converts an entered LaTex line into a picture when executed. Since comments at blogger don't allow pictures it wouldn't work in this section even if you had it installed.

    I have regretted it more than once that I set up the blog at, since it leaves very little room to customize the really important parts of the pages. If I had the time to maintain it, I had set up a blog on my own, but my guess is that this causes more problem than it solves. (If not for me than for system administration). Best,


  3. I have further information here in terms of latex rendering.

    Of course Clifford's sandbox is nice to use as well.

    There are differences in terms of Wordpress and the bloggery we use.

    Clifford may have more information for you on how to set this up?

    You might not believe that I had been looking at this issue this morning as well independent of your post and found this as well.


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