Friday, August 17, 2007

Back-Reaction Poll


  1. I read various science blogs for various reasons, but probably mostly because it seems cool to associate with real scientists.

  2. I read blogs where there is interesting stuff, where I like the blog owners and where there is a possibility for conversation.

  3. Empirical truth is always insubordinate. Peer review carefully excludes interesting futures. Be your own cause - then submit for formal publication if it worked.

  4. general entertainment value.

  5. So many humble people around here. Only 2 of 84 (one of them me of course) for "... because I want to distribute my own [beliefs]." Well I also like to see what other people think, really!

  6. Hi All,

    I was actually looking for a poll that would allow multiple choice but couldn't find any. In case somebody knows of such a possibility, please let me know. I was mostly trying out having a poll on the blog. Looks okay to me, but the script takes some time to load which is kind of annoying.

    Hi CIP,

    I wasn't aware scientist could be considered 'cool' :-) Yes, I thought too late I should have added an option 'inside knowledge' or so. If I read other people's blogs it's mostly for first hand experience that you can't get in a textbook. This would probably fall in between 'interesting', 'entertaining' and 'gossip'.

    Hi Arun,

    I too prefer blogs where there is a nice atmosphere, and an actual exchange either with the blogger or among the visitors. In a certain sense I have to say that CV in many posts has already too many comments to actually allow for a conversation.

    Hi Neil,

    I think reason for the small fraction might be that most visitors prefer not to comment at all and lurk around. See, the ratio of comments/visits we have is roughly 1/50. If the poll would only be among commenters I'd think the ratio for 'distributing own believes' would significantly higher.



  7. btw, a very annoying feature of the blogger editor is that if one creates a post the website gets a name that doesn't change even if one later changes the title. That's the reason why the url of this post is 'test' - which confusingly also appears in the 'recent comments' applet.

  8. I have to admit that I'd love to sway a theorist enough to make them want to challenge certain assumptions about the negative energy states as they pertain to a deterministic theory of quantum gravity. Or, failing that, I seek to learn about stuff that is relevant to questions about this that were put to me as a prerequisite to speaking to a certain someone about it.

    Which seems better than just waiting for the LHC to fire-up, and then see what happens from there.

    Test, 2, 3, 4...


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