Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hiatus Announcement

Dear fellow Readers, Friends, and self-aware parts of the WWW:

I am moving into a new apartment. Presently I am sitting among scaringly unstable towers of boxes trying to figure out what to do with the burnt spots in the carpet. Not much I can do I guess. Except to let you learn from my mistakes: never direct an halogen lamp towards a synthetic carpet.

Anyway, I won't be at work the next days, and I don't yet have internet access in the new apartment. (In fact, I haven't even seen the apartment and as additional complication and can't recall the number.) Such, I apologize in advance that I won't be around as much as usual. Also, I might not be able to immediately delete spam comments, so please ignore drug advertisements or climate change awareness links for a couple of days.



A note to friends and relatives: My private phone number does not change.


  1. Best wishes on the move, Bee!

  2. Likewise, best wishes, Your Majesty!


  3. Moving sucks. I still have shit all over my floor because I haven't figured out the concept of using boxes to pack instead of emptying my desk's contents into a container.

  4. Thanks for the nice wishes :-)

    Hi Lubos:

    Ah, not so really my style I'm afraid. I think about getting one of these and just park in front of the institute ;-) Wouldn't that be the ideal scenario for postdocs anyhow? Departments provide parking space, and every postdoc gets a moving home.

    Also, apologies that our server is down, and all the pics are missing. It seems to be a severe bug, I didn't even get an error message.



  5. If this wasn't a virtual community, we could all pile in and move boxes and Her Majesty would provide the pizza ;)

    Hope it is going well!

  6. Nice mobile house, Sabine. Arun: where does the majesty come from? I thought India was a British, not German colony, pizza was an Italian, not Indian food, and Earth was a blue, not green planet. ;-)

  7. Luboš : Her Majesty comes from a previous thread, Bee prefers it to Du or Sie :). Pizza is a good common denominator food for all the varied folks who would be emerging from the blog to help Bee move her boxes. Finally, food belongs to them who know how to cook it best :)

  8. Now, if folks liked spicy Indian food, pau-bhaji would be good moving part food.

  9. Our server is back up, here is what IT sent: 'After a multi-server power outage caused by a circuit breaker that probably was triggered by a power overload in the ITP server room, file systems have been restored to normal state.'

  10. Arun: absolutely true.. I usually feed pizza to people who help me move!



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