Monday, August 13, 2007

Google Inside Out

!tenretnI eht fo trap dednah-thgir eht rof ecnedive tsriF



  1. Bee, it looks cute. However I sadly must point out, some of the words aren't really spelled backwards, like striF and tghir. That's odd, since I would suppose you typed in normally and used a program to invert the order - so maybe just typos to begin with?

    As for sides, it's funny that right and left wing thinkers have their own respective realms they can stay in, never having to be exposed to opposing opinions (or slants anyway) if they choose.

    Here's a topical question about Google: I get the impression they changed their search ranking criteria a few weeks ago. Almost overnight I got markedly different results for a favorite subject search (from #1 for years, to #9), and a few other things. Does anyone know what's up? ty, it would be helpful to know.

  2. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the pointer, I've corrected that. Actually, these are typos I make even in the 'right' (rihgt?) direction, but then spell check finds them. Typing in by hand and waiting for you to find my mistakes is faster than using any program ;-)

    Regarding Google, I think they have the search algorithms documented somewhere on their websites. As I've said previously, I am not interested enough to follow it. Best,


  3. That "mirror site" is cute but I get the impression it doesn't always give the same picks as big Google - I got some offbeat responses. It's tricky to interpret and use, but I still think that's so. Try "quantum" for example. And sometimes it goes to a strange discussion thread.

  4. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most enantiomeric of them all?

    Geist ziert Leben. Mut hegt Siege. Beileid trägt belegbare Reue. Neid dient nie. Nun eint Neid die Neuerer. Abgelebt gärt die Liebe. Geist geht umnebelt, reizt sieg.

  5. Tulsa: Miami woman gnaws wang. Man: Ow! I maim a slut!


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