Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of a top-physicist! And for a change, that physicist is still alive, doing fine, and an active blogger in addition... A very, very happy birthday to my husband :-)


  1. Oh, wow - what a big surprise :-)

    I didn't expect this at all - that's overwhelming, I'm so flattered! And the flower is so beautiful!

    Thank you so much, Sabine :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Stefan. Hopefully, it is not cloudy where you are. :-)

  3. A very Happy Birthday Stefan! And thank you for your posts...


  4. There are some things that can only be said with flowers! Many Happy (belated) returns Stefan, paul.

  5. Dear all :-)

    thank you very much for all these good wishes, that was a very nice surprise!

    I hope I will have enough ideas - and time and energy - to write some interesting posts for you in the years to come.

    All the best,


  6. Hi Stefan, Happy Birthday.

    PS - I shall not comment on the cool shades you wear on your profile pic - in case it creates a political (PC) incident

  7. Happy Birthday Stefan, best wishes.
    May you someday figure it all out.


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