Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wedding Photos

Very many thanks to all those who made our wedding day so enjoyable.

Thanks for not stomping on the train, for not hijacking the bride, and for teaching my husband that I never intended to become chancellor.

As promised, we put some of the photos online here.
You find more in this folder.

Very special thanks also to our best man and woman for signing in the right places.

And to the brothers for taking care of the organization.

And to the crew from Hotel am Rosenberg for the excellent buffet and the service.

Update July 9th: Much much more photos

I still can't believe I wore that dress a whole day!


  1. Nice, I love picture 8.
    Based on looks I would marry the short haired brother (in the sense of § 1 LPartG)

  2. Exquisite, one of Nature's unique diamond's looking like the finest of pearls in a beautiful dress.
    Bee, You haven't got a twin for me by any chance. No I didn't think so, not possible to make 2 such magic gals from diamond & pearls.

    PS - Thanks for the
    Gravity's Irresistible Pull link. Q

  3. thanks for the gorgeous photos!

    is this the black hole bag?

  4. Hi anonymous,

    the short haired one is Stefan's younger brother. He's not married but has a very nice girlfriend... what is LPartG ?

    Hi quasar9,

    that's cute :-) I am sure you won't have any problems finding the love of your life. As far as I know I don't have a twin.

    Hi chris,

    it is. It contained the cell phone and a whole collection of safety pins my mother gave me.



  5. Lovely wedding. Deepest best wishes to you both for a joyous future together.

  6. Congratulations! You both looked spectacular.

  7. Wow, Bee. Nice pics.

    Beauty of a woman and a charming man.

    Fission and fusion and their life began.

    William /wam


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