Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Squeeze my brain

Here, in Newport Beach, the weather is gorgeous, the amount of talks is incredible, and the whole conference SUSY 2006 is very inspiring.

Among other things, this year's bag is equipped with a spare brain, which you can squeeze when things go anthropic.

Yesterday at the reception, I noticed a guy hanging around with a camera. He came up to us and asked "What's going on at the conference? LHC is coming, huh?". We said, "Yeah, that's about it." He said, "cool", turned around and filmed an empty table instead. This was about the most conclusive discussion about the status of physics I have had in the last years.

To find some of the pictures from the conference, go to

Or make a scenic detour and go two blogs this direction.


  1. Uncle Al is about 15 km NNE. Can you feel the tingle? You should take a stroll on one of the two local piers.

  2. scenic detour and go two blogs, that's nice :-)

    By the way, I have spotted you and Goh in the video :-)

    Have fun, and don't completely squeeze your brain,


  3. Hi Uncle Al,

    was at the pier after dinner. Now I am in the evening discussion, Wilczek speaking. I am sitting behind a guy who is shaking his head since Wilczek spoke the first 2 words. Why don't you come over tomorrow, it's going to be a interesting day! Best, B.

  4. Hi Dr. Hossenfelder,

    That's a nice toy, I wish I could have one. :-)

    By the way, I just found that you are amazingly patient!


  5. Hey Yidun,

    you can have my brain... I never now where to put all that stuff. I have a whole collection of bags from various conferences. In this year's bag there was also a small box with white pills - I guess its peppermint, but who knows? Best,


    PS: I will bring my brain in July.

  6. Hi Bee,

    there are now photos from your talk!


    When the chair (JoAnne Hewett) said: Let's thank the speaker (clapclapclap), questions? about every hand in the room raised.

    Best, B.

  7. Scary. Looks like some kind of landscape of hands.




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