Monday, June 19, 2006


The first semi-conscious act after leaving a plane with a nine hour jet-lag was to fix my parents wireless. Something is seriously wrong with me. Maybe not even wrong. I noticed that Christine unfortunately removed her top-ten lists on String Theory and LQG, apparently due to a whole lot of annoying comments. This is really a pity, cause I did not have the time to completely read her posts, and follow the links, and was kind of looking forward to it.

I also noticed there is a discussion on CIP's blog, as well as a follow up on wolfgang's blog, based on comments in my post Science and Democracy, which circles around Lubos' state of mind. Considered the fact that my post tried to communicate that this is exactly what we do not need to discuss, I find this quite ironic.

Also, it seems that blogger still has some technical problems. I would like to strongly advise you to make a copy of your comments (at least into the clipboard) before you click 'submit'.

Besides this, I am currently in Germany which I hardly recognized. Every street corner and every second car has a German flag. I heard, they are sold out! It seems, after all, the Germans rediscovered their national pride. Apparently, it came in a soccer ball.

More after the jet-lag. Best,


Note added: Christine put her lists back online. Here are the links


  1. I hope you do not mind that I repost my previous comment, since you now link to CIP's story here.

    > I caused the plain disbelieve you see on the other's faces [..] by saying that I don't think Lubos is totally crazy.

    I came to a similar conclusion and posted a comment on CIP's blog, which got me into quite some trouble...

    Since my remarks included a link to your webpage I would like to apologize to anybody who was offended by my remarks.
    If this is the case I would only ask to read
    my side of the story.

  2. About the German flags all around now, there are two interesting reports on the English site of Der Spiegel, Football Fever and the National Psyche and Germany Flies the Flag

    Best regards, Stefan


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