Sunday, June 11, 2006

SUSY 2006

Next week, I am in Newport Beach at the

14th International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamental Interactions

or, short, the SUSY 06. I am looking forward to an interesting meeting, and hope to find some time (and some wireless) to report on it.

Since it's another rainy Sunday here in Santa Barbara, let me recommend a CD I bought recently:

Lights Out

"I'm just another casualty of casual insanity."


  1. Does somebody have a clever reason why the CERN solar axion telescope isn't detecting any axions at all?

    A big tank of cleaning fluid detected neutrinos - and that was difficult. Axions were/are billed as a slam dunk. We can count single photons with high statistical significance.

    No SUSY prediction has been observed. Shouldn't that bother somebody given that physics is an experimental science?

  2. 1. In case you're interested there is some cool stuff on the antimatter official site.

    2. Axions are not necessary. (They weren't a slam dunk anyway.)

    2b. Come up with a better theory which has observable predictions then.

  3. you really travel a lot!

  4. Bee, you are exactly what Lubos wants (and needs) people who can make sensible arguments over controversial issues. However he is spreading his controversy too far in the search for popularity ratings.

    Maybe he can attract more debate on the real subject matter and his theories.

    Nice to see you make a strong stand for rational arguments. Laters ... Q

  5. Bee,

    OT re: your comment on Lubos's blog. In my experience most scientists are very reasonable people, and they know what a compromise is.

    How well do you know Lubos?


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