Friday, May 10, 2019

Admin note on invisible comments

I keep getting notifications from readers that something isn't working on my blog. Here is what's happening: With the new layout of the comment section, if the list exceeds 100 comments, then comments will by default not all load. In that case you have to click on "Load more..." below the comment box, see screen shot below. I have posted this response several times in the comments, but of course you'll only see this if you already know you have to click on "Load more..."

I also know that if you click on the link in the comment widget (side bar), this will not work if there are too many comments in one thread. I am sorry about this, but nothing I can do to change it. This blog is hosted by Google. My options to customize the comment section are very limited. The comment widget is a 3rd party java script that however can't handle the more recent updates of the comment feature.

I have also noticed that sometimes the comment box doesn't appear in a reply-to-comment thread. In that case you have to scroll up to the comment you want to reply to and find the "reply" link. If you click on that, the box will appear. I have no idea what sense this makes. If anyone has suggestions for improvement other than that I should move this blog to a different provider, please let me know.

And while I am at it, let me repeat my plea that you please, please not post links or email addresses. First, because such comments are likely to end up in the spam folder. Even if not, I will only approve such comments after I have had time to check that the website is legit. Since I normally don't have time to do that, your comment will end up in the moderation queue indefinitely. Exceptions are links to websites I can recognize immediately, eg the arXiv, scientific journals, major news pages, etc.


  1. Test from my wife's laptop in France:

    Unfalsifiability is something like Papal infailibility.

  2. You might want to check out WordPress. I've been using them since 2011, and have been very happy with them. Their comment section works much better!

    (For the record, my blog is https://LogosConCarne/. I do sometimes post a link back to a post I've written. It's legit, honestly! :) )

    1. Wyrd,

      Thank you, I am aware of the existence of WordPress. I have neither the time nor the patience to set up a new account. If you have any suggestions that will not require moving to a different provider, please let me know.

  3. If people click on the "notify me" box, then they will get emails that contain the new posts.

    That is how I realized, in the first place, that there had to be "next page" or "load more" link to the comments; because I was getting emails of comments that I couldn't see on the website.


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